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16 Aug 2020
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All about the past happenings on the internet and whatnot! And now Nintendo (3)DS Central is 11 years old!

I guess a few things that happened are that I became a Moderator for the Gaming Reinvented Discord Server! :excited4: I have never been a Moderator on somebody else's anything before! :excited3: Thank you CM30 for the promotion! :bow2 I hope to do a good job helping you! :thumbsup I hope you come back here and post a few times! I haven't seen you for a while here! :iconbiggrin

Nintendo (3)DS Central is now 11 years old! WOW!! :iconeek Keep on livin' Nintendo 3DS Central, Keep on livin'! :rock3:

And finally, CaptianDrewBoy is a NDSCentral Veteran, and DPadDoc is a Moderator! Congratulations to the both of you! :clapping

Well, that's it for my recent happenings on the internet! See ya' again soon! :okay1