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  • September 5th, 2019, 7:08 The rules! Read these please! September 5th, 2019, 7:08 The rules! Read these please!
    My 1st post! 1st forum post!! My 1st topic!!! 1st forum topic!!!! THIS TOPIC IS #1!!!!! :laughing4

    If your e-mail client or provider or whatever marks any email from this website as "suspicious", (Gmail does this) ignore it, it is perfectly fine!

    Welcome to Nintendo 3DS Central! :tigHappy If you came from Nintendo DS Central, then welcome back! :tigCheer :jumpy :dancingmario

    This board was started on: September 5th, 2019, 7:08 (24-Hour, UTC -5)

    Note that the rating for the board is PG-13 and may have some profanity!
    No one under 13 will be allowed to join!
    We will not be allowing the collection of any data from those under 13, as any members who join that are under 13 will be deleted! This forum is NOT being directed towards children!

    These are the rules for the forum! Please follow them! :rules
    We are a laid back community, so we just have the obvious rules that you would expect on any other forum!
    Yes, I know that this topic is long as heck, :tigDefeat and looks very intimidating, but all you really need to do is just read the bolded headers of each rule to get the gist of what they're supposed to be! Any questions that you may have will most likely be answered in those descriptors if you aren't sure! And if you STILL can't do that, then skip over to , read through that, and yurr done!
    Remember that most of these rules also apply to Moderators too!

    Also, in case you need them, here are the links to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use (which are COMPLETELY irrelevant to the ACTUAL board rules, so don't take them as such! The Privacy Policy is important though!):
    Privacy Policy:
    Terms of Use: (Don't take these as such! The ACTUAL Terms of Use are in this thread, which you SHOULD BE READING right now!)

    These rules are subject to change at any time, without any warning or notification! It is up to YOU to re-read these rules to keep up to date for any changes! We reserve the right to refuse any member access to any features, forums, or the board as a whole, for any reason (specified or not)! This board may go offline for any reason (specified or not), and we are NOT obligated to answer or change anything on behalf of ANYONE except where required by US law! This forum and it's software is provided as-is with no warranty! Tiger21820, and Nintendo 3DS Central will NOT be held responsible for any damages to PC equipment, data loss, or injuries! We try our best to prevent these from happening, but cannot guarantee any preventions!

    Remember that this forum is private property owned, run, and managed by Tiger21820, and posting here is actually a privilege, not a right! And as such, almost NONE of these rules shall apply to Tiger21820 except where required by US law! THAT'S RIGHT! TIGER IS (PRACTICALLY) INVINCIBLE!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    If you have any problems with permissions (such as not being able to post in a forum when you are supposed to, or having moderator permissions when you are not a Moderator) let me know!


    0. Nintendo DS Central registration bonus: (Effective August 14th, 2020)
    If you came from Nintendo DS Central, then you can be upgraded straight to a NDSCentral Veteran! All members who signed up to Nintendo DS Central PRIOR to September 5th, 2019 will be upgraded to a NDSCentral Veteran! If I recognize your name, then I will most likely do it as soon as I see you! But if I don't, either PM me (Brand New Members can use the PM system), or mention it on your Introduction topic(if you decided to make one)! Make sure you post a link to your Nintendo DS Central profile, so I can be sure it's you!

    Also, however many points you may have on Nintendo DS Central will be applied to your account when you join!

    1. When you register, you will be a Brand New Member!
    Brand New Members do not have the ability to post in the Spam Forum, Forum Games, or the Advertising Forum! They also cannot chat in the chat box, post in the Knowledge Base, or upload attachments! Once you make 200 posts, then you will become a Full Member, and then be able to do all those things! :tigCheer :clapping You can do it! :ohyeah :tigHappy

    2. Be respectful to everyone!
    No flaming, bullying, trolling, hateful language, racism, religious persecution, and all other similar behavior! Profanity is allowed here to an extent, but remember that younger people may post here, so please keep it to a minimum or censor it! Pejoratives on the other hand are definitely NOT okay, and the use of such words will get you warned! Gaslighting is grounds for banning, so DON'T DO IT!! :aggressive :tigMad

    We do not enforce the censorship of any words here, and it is your responsibility to choose what words you use and how you use them when you post! The staff will NOT be held responsible for ANYTHING that is posted here!

    If you joined just to be a troll and spam the forums, then we can guarantee that you will be banned faster than you can say "D'OH!" Think about that! :biggrin2 :tigWingFlap1

    Flamebaiting, roast me threads, or asking members to attack or insult you, even as a joke, are also banned, because let's be honest: Who wants others to say terrible things about you, just as a joke? Such threads will be closed, and if it gets prevalent, warnings or even bans will be handed out! C'mon guys, you're better than that!

    If you post anything (links, graphics, sounds, etc.) that pose (or encourage) health risks such as triggering seizures from strobe flashers without adding any warning (and out of malice), then we have no choice but to permanently ban you from the forums! Even if there is no incident, simply posting such content is enough to get you banned!

    3. No ROMs, cracks, warez, viruses, plagiarism or other illegal content!
    If you want to share a ROM hack, please upload an ips or bps patch of it in a compression format (e.g. zip, rar, 7z, etc.), or just as an ips or bps patch (You can attach IPS or BPS patches to your posts!)! Please don't link to places that share ROMs either! (Sonic Retro is the ONLY exception, but please don't post, or link to any of the ROMs here!) We don't condone piracy here at Nintendo 3DS Central! If you want to share those illegally downloaded action movies with lots of guns, explosions, screaming, and death, take that elsewhere! I'm sorry to say that if you do get in trouble for doing it, we cannot vouch for you!


    However, homebrew ROMs are acceptable! If there's any homebrew that you made yourself, by all means, share it with us! Just make sure you were the one who made it! And think twice where you decide to post it! See above for the one major exception! :thumbsup :tigGet

    Basically, if it's prohibited by US law or hostinger's terms of use, then it's prohibited here! :biggrin2 :tigWingFlap

    We also do not permit plagiarism here on Nintendo 3DS Central! If copying, linking or uploading anything from anywhere, please cite a source or give credit! Also, make sure you aren't stealing other people's bandwidth! If anyone asks you to remove something, please do it! If you don't, then the staff WILL!

    Also, video game FAQs are (often) copyrighted content! Please do not link to, copy anything from, or upload an attachment of any FAQ from sites such as GameFAQs unless:
    1. The author(s) has/have expressly mentioned that linking is fine,
    2. The author(s) has/have explicitly gave you permission to do so, and you will need to show proof of it,
    3. It is your FAQ!
    4. The FAQ belongs to me, Tiger21820! I hereby grant full permission to anyone to upload, copy, or link to any and all FAQs published by me for use anywhere on this site! You must not charge any money, or forum points to use them, and make sure that you give credit!

    All unauthorized FAQ links, posts, or attachments will be removed! Repeated actions will result in warnings!

    If anyone wants anything of theirs removed from the forums, either post it in , or e-mail me at, and we will remove it! Under penalty of perjury (maybe, depends on if you're actually threatening the forums or not, and being a dick about it! I wouldn't try it, you don't know what we're capable of doing! :lashopkeepzap :tigDefeat :tigSad ), you must provide proof that you are the owner or authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive copyright that is allegedly infringed!

    4. Respect and obey the staff!
    That goes without saying! AND NO BACKSEAT MODERATING! If you want to be a moderator, you can apply here if there are any positions open!

    5. Please no explicit content!
    Pornography, henti, and anything related shouldn't be here! Whether they are photographs, drawings, or anything else, any images (or discussion in a public forum) that portray genitals, fluids or are sexual in nature will be deleted (attachments, links and text), and the users will be cautioned (verbal warning on first offense) or warned and will have their posts locked (except in ONE specific forum)! This is a PG-13 forum!
    Etchi Lewd images (very revealing apparel, almost nude, but no genitals shown) are POSSIBLY ok, just as long no actual genitals being shown, and they are not photographs of actual people (Drawings are fine)! Make sure you put questionable images in spoilers, and tag them as such! If these are not at least put in spoilers, the images may be removed! When in doubt, give me a shout! :clapping :tigGet :laughing4
    Animation with brief nudity in YouTube videos is fine, but you MUST tag it as such!
    Nudity from actual people is NOT permitted in any medium!

    6. Infractions
    We don't have a defined infraction system (except for posting forbidden links, see lower posts), so we will generally issue warnings for simple violations (such as spamming, trolling, flaming, posting ROMs "by mistake", etc.), and bans with lengths that are appropriate with more serious violations... If you are banned, wait for it to end, appeal it if you feel like the reason or length wasn't appropriate, don't reregister to bypass outstanding bans... WHATEVER! We're laid back, so we'll just say 5 warnings equal a 5 day ban, and expire after 90 days... that sound good? Good! :biggrin2 :tigHappy

    Contact me at if you need to appeal a ban! Appeals only apply to your account, you cannot appeal on behalf of another member (sorry!), and you can only make 1 appeal for the current ban!

    If your appeal fails, then that's it, wait for it to end! If your appeal is successful, one of two things will happen: Your ban will be overturned, or you will have the ban time reduced! In the case of a ban shortening, these are final! You won't be able to get the same ban shortened any further, so take that, or leave it!

    If you are ever warned or banned by mistake, either PM me, a Co-Administrator, or Moderator, or e-mail me at, and we will get around to removing them for you, as well as restoring any deducted points! Make sure you specify any messages related to the warning or the ban, and who accidently issued the warning or ban! I will contact the person who issued the infraction to make sure that it was indeed a mistake! Please understand that we NEVER EVER arbitrarily issue warnings or bans to ANY members for no reason (there are consequences for doing so!), so the likelihood of that ever happening is very slim, but it could happen!

    REMEMBER! There is no excuse for failure to read the rules in any case! At the bottom of this topic, one can view the last 255 members who visited it! That means the staff will know whether you read them or not! Ignorance is not an excuse! Remember this well! :wink3 :tigWingFlap1

    7. Off-site disputes will not be punishable, but leave them out of Nintendo 3DS Central, please!
    My policy is to give members the benefit of the doubt! As such, we will not give out infractions for anything you may have done outside of Nintendo 3DS Central! Whatever may have happened is between you and them, not us! But please, leave Nintendo 3DS Central out of it! We're innocent!

    Don't dramatize on how you got banned by that moderator you did not like, or how that one member said something awful and called you a horrible name! Those guys are probably not members here, and you are, so don't worry! But if they end up joining here and you and them start getting into it, then it is NOW our problem, and all of you will be dealt with in accordance to OUR rules, which means that you and them may be warned or banned!

    So please keep off-site disputes where they are, we are not them, they are not us, we don't care, blah blah blah... We only deal with things that happen HERE, Ok?

    Anything that happened on Nintendo DS Central also isn't relevant here! We won't dwell on the things that happened on the old forums here and vice versa! If you get banned there, you won't be banned here, and if you get banned here, you won't get banned there... Nintendo DS Central is currently read-only, so this doesn't apply right now!

    8. Sockpuppeting/alternate accounts must be approved by Tiger21820, or a Co-Administrator!
    Any current alternate accounts by anyone that have been currently registered before June 27, 2022 may continue being used!

    All future accounts that have very similar names, and/or matching IP addresses/email addresses without my permission will be permanently banned! We will send an email to the suspected alternate's email to confirm that you did not make this account! Any repeated sockpuppeting can be met with warnings and or a ban! Any ban dodging will result in your privileges to participate in Nintendo 3DS Central being permanently revoked!

    9. No spamming, stay on topic, post in English, blah blah blah, spam in the spam forum all you want when you earn it, AHHH SCREW THAT, LET'S JUST GET GOING ALREADY!!! Welcome to Nintendo 3DS Central! Please enjoy your stay here!! :clapping :tigGet :tigHappy :tigCheer
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  • June 8th, 2020, 13:01 High Score Totals June 8th, 2020, 13:01 High Score Totals
    Calculated on: July 6, 2024, 05:22 (UTC -5)

    Total High Score for all games:
    553604765728 (Needs updating)

    Total High Score for all Nintendo 3DS games:

    Total High Score for all Nintendo Switch games:
    2396124255 (Needs updating)

    Total High Score for all Nintendo DS games:
    317299803 (Needs updating)

    Total High Score for all Nintendo Wii U games:

    Total High Score for all Nintendo Wii games:

    Total High Score for all other games:
    550654095929 (Needs updating)

    Note that these are approximate! It takes a LONG TIME to add each and EVERY SCORE in each of the threads, so it's only natural for there to be a few errors! Every now and again, I will recalculate all totals for better accuracy, updates and additions!

    Tags for Tiger:
    Scores with NEW!! will be added directly to the total!
    Scores with UPDATED! will add the difference of the updated score and the previous score to the total!
    Scores with DONE have already been applied to the total, but still have new scores that still need calculation! These are only used on newly listed games which still have unposted scores to save time by not needing to use the "NEW!!" tag! It's seldom used!
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  • September 6th, 2019, 16:12 Rules Part 2 September 6th, 2019, 16:12 Rules Part 2
    10. Deletion of members, topics and posts
    1. No one outside of the Administrators or Co-Administrators groups may delete posts or topics! PLEASE DO NOT BLANK OUT YOUR POSTS TO DELETE THEM WITHOUT PERMISSION!
    2. We do not arbitrarily delete ANY accounts here unless: The account remains inactive (did not use the account verification link in their registration e-mail) for a month after joining, the account is in the COPPA Members group, the account is known to be under 13 years of age (and has dodged the COPPA process and/or lied about their age), a parent requests that their child's account be terminated regardless of age mandated by US law, or the account is deemed dangerous to the safety of our members (In that case, all IP addresses and e-mails associated with such accounts will be permanently banned)!
    3. If you want your account deactivated (all account deletion requests will be rejected, unless it is required by US law, and that a link to the law mandating the deletion of the account is provided , or somehow, international laws mandate me to honor deletion requests even though this website is operated in the US ), please PM, or contact me at! However, please be aware that once I deactivate your account, you might/will not be able to re-activate it yourself! If you want your account reactivated, please contact me at (email already listed! Look around!), and I'll get it going again!
    4. There may be times in which we will purge member accounts (except VIPs) that haven't either logged on since they joined, or haven't made any posts since joining (though one and two may be the same)! When that happens, we will make an announcement, and e-mail all affected accounts warning a possible member purge! The purge will occur within a one month's time from when the announcement was made! These purges will rarely (if ever) happen, since this is a small community!

    11. Multi-posting, necro-posting, and "Fluff Posts"
    We actually have no rules against posting multiple times in a row, or bumping extremely old topics! One word or "Fluff posts" as they call it, are also ok! Just don't overdo it (otherwise we might get problems with other Moderators)!
    Also, please understand that multi-posting, necro-posting, and "Fluff Posts" can be really irritating (Hey, what are you looking at ME for!? I don't care! :shrug ) to certain people, so please keep that in mind while doing it! I am totally fine with it, but some Moderators might not be, and may act on Moderator Instincts they picked up on different forums... (Meaning you may get your topics closed or be warned at a Moderator's discretion) If there is a dispute, let me (I am the ultimate go-to for these matters) or a Co-Administrator know, and we'll straighten it out!

    12. We do not promote gambling here! We're talking actual money here, not forum points!
    Remember, there are members under 21 in this forum! Gambling with *REAL* money online may be illegal without proper authorities or banned completely in certain jurisdictions! That would NOT be good for the forums! No sir-ree bob! :nono :tigSquish
    Read the next post for prohibited activity regarding gambling!

    13. Most types of attachments should be used sparingly!
    If you are going to add images to a post, please start by embedding them using the image BBCode! Upload an attachment as a last resort if you must! :iconwink :tigWingFlap This should go for most other attachments too! If you need to revise an attachment, delete the old one first! This is to preserve server space, as for I currently have not set an absolute limit to attachments boardwise! --Relaxed 03-28-24, we have plenty of server space, so this shouldn't really be a problem in the long run!

    14. Please do not reply to spam bots or spammers, even if it is in the Spam Forum! (That's in the case of a spam bot, which they SHOULDN'T even have access to in the first place!)
    Look, they may say some of the weirdest mumbo-jumbo you have ever heard of, but please do not reply to spam, no matter HOW tempting it is! It will cause problems with search engines among other things, and most spam bots only post once, and are never seen again! If you see any spam outside of the Spam Forum (Whether it be a from an actual person or robot), report it, and do not reply to it in any way! The staff will take care of it! Also, DO NOT click ANY links they post, as they can be a potential security risk, or lead to some undesirable content! :tigDefeat

    15. Download System rules
    1. Please do not post files that are larger than 4MB! Anything larger than that will be removed!
    2. Please do not upload a file if there is one of the same already uploaded as an attachment! First, delete the attachment, THEN upload it on the Download System! This is to preserve server space!
    3. Nothing illegal! No ROMs!
    4. Tiger21820: Post the rest of the rules

    16. Doxxing
    Posting sensitive personal information including, but not limited to: Phone numbers, IP addresses, Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, addresses, etc. either of your own, or others is expressly forbidden, since it can SEVERELY compromise the safety of our members! Any such content will be removed, and repeated offenses will result in warnings! Threatening to dox others is more serious and whether or not you mean it, will be taken seriously, and may hand out harsher punishments should you decide to threaten to dox another member here!
    Exception: You may use the user map (Which is hidden to guests and bots) to post POIs or submit your ZIP code and country from your profile which will show up on the user map if you want! Just make sure you're ok with doing so first, and don't post other member's locations on the user map unless they say it's okay! If you don't want any POIs on the map anymore, either erase them, or ask me to erase them if you can't!

    17. No rallying for the ban of another member!
    Seriously! Why? If you have problems with anyone, report him or her, and let us, and ONLY us, handle it! Do not post topics asking if we should ban a user! We will close those topics, and might warn you for it!

    18. Acceptable use: Litigation against the forums, the owner, and it's members is expressly forbidden!
    By using this forum, whether you are a Guest or Registered User, you agree NOT to take any form of legal action (INCLUDING Cease & Desist!) against the forum, the owner, or the members, for any reason whatsoever! Furthermore, by you accessing any part of this forum, you certify that you are not a government official, law enforcement agent, copyrighted material owner, or representative of any other authority aiming to examine any part of the forum with, or without intent to pursue any form of legal action in accordance of the rules, terms and provisions listed throughout this topic! If there are any concerns about the site that you need to discuss, please contact the owner of the site found within this topic! Violation of this rule will result in you and your IP being blocked from accessing this site permanently!

    19. Please do not add or embed any YouTube videos that are made for kids directed towards children to the YouTube Gallery or posts!
    This website is NOT directed towards children, so nothing that is legally directed towards children as stated in COPPA should be allowed here! :nono :tigMad Any YouTube videos that are found to be directed towards children will be removed! No warnings will be given, unless you repeatedly post such videos after they are removed! :yellowcard :tigDown If action is taken on this website due to a video you posted here, you will be banned for no more than 3 months! :redcard :tigKO However, if it isn't an actual problem with this law, then this rule will be repealed! :shrug --Repealed 12-23-21, The YouTube Gallery can only be accessed by those registered and logged in, and must be at least 13 years to join, so the YouTube Gallery side of this rule is pointless!

    20. Nintendo 3DS Central does not, and WILL NOT participate in internet wars or feuds!
    We want to remain a friendly community for everyone, and we want to respect ALL OTHER COMMUNITIES on the internet!

    21. No donations, please!
    Due to complications and strict legal obligations that I would rather not have to pain myself with, I will not be accepting donations of any kind! I appreciate the thought though!

    22. AI usage on Nintendo 3DS Central
    Yes, we know that "AI is the future" and they can do all sorts of cool things, so because I'm a nice guy, I can allow the usage of AI bots on Nintendo 3DS Central under THESE conditions and provisions:

    01. All AI bots MUST be authorized by a Nintendo 3DS Central Administrator (Not a Co-Administrator!), and MUST BE clearly tagged as such (Username, signature, title, etc.) You must specify the company and the website where it is managed! If that's not present, then it will be rejected!
    02. AI bots from non-members WILL NOT be permitted under ANY circumstances! ALL UNAUTHORIZED BOTS WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED ON SIGHT!!!
    03. All AI bots MUST BE SAFE FOR WORK! See rule 5 for more details!
    04. If an AI bot goes rouge, then it's OUTTA THERE!
    05. All AI bots must not post any content that the owner did not grant permission to use on this forum! If anyone complains about anything a bot posts, it will be removed, and it CAN be banned!
    06. No spam/advertising bots UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! We get enough of those already!
    07. It is YOUR responsibility to keep your bot under control! Nintendo 3DS Central staff shall not be held accountable for anything that your bot does!
    08. We reserve the right to refuse, deny, ban, or delete any AI generated message or AI bot, without warning and without any reason, AND to entirely repeal this rule either for a while, or FOREVER!
    09. It will cost you 30,000,000 forum points to approve an AI bot! They will be tied to your account, but you will not have any control over it's user account on Nintendo 3DS Central, nor will any violations it commits be counted against your primary account! MUST BE A FULL MEMBER OR GREATER TO PURCHASE! --Repealed 03-22-24, We have an AI extension installed, rendering this rule moot for the time being!

    23. Reserved
    Reserved for future use...

    24. Reserved
    Reserved for future use...
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  • June 13th, 2020, 13:29 Arcade/MAME & Pinball Records (Post any submissions for unlisted games here!) June 13th, 2020, 13:29 Arcade/MAME & Pinball Records (Post any submissions for unlisted games here!)
    Since there are SO MANY DIFFERENT arcade and pinball games, we need a single thread to contain them all!

    :pacman2 :pacman :pacman3

    IMPORTANT! From now on, In order to reduce the length of this topic, and to reduce the amount of work to calculate the total high scores, there will be only one entry per user, regardless of clone!

    A copy of the old version can be found here:

    Submissions for unlisted games should be posted here!

    All high scores are not saved to NVRAM unless otherwise stated!

    Namco Museum GameCube, GBA, and Pac-Man Collection GBA:
    Namco Museum DS:

    Scores obtained from cheating and emulation are always welcome here, but will be highlighted in red and be given rank 0 if they exceed a cheatless score!

    For Stern Pinball Arcade (Nintendo Switch), The Pinball Arcade (Nintendo Switch), and Pinball FX 3 specific modes, go to this thread:

    All pinball games save high scores to NVRAM!

    Total High Score (All):
    0 (Needs updating)

    Total High Score (Arcade/MAME):
    0 (Needs updating)

    Total High Score (Pinball):
    0 (Needs updating)

    Arcade Records:

    Namco games:

    Gee Bee:
    001. 6350 (Tiger21820)
    002. 5920 (Lyn)
    003. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 8518 (Tiger21820)
    002. 120 (Lyn)
    003. 60 (Morgiana)
    003. 60 (Kougyoku)
    005. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 30724 (Tiger21820)
    002. 24490 (Lyn)
    003. 8866 (Lyndis)
    004. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Pac-Man Plus:
    001. 12580 (Lyn)
    002. 130 (Tiger21820)
    003. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Super Pac-Man:
    001. 82850 (Tiger21820)
    002. 67260 (Lyn)
    003. 64980 (Morgiana)
    004. 47000 (Kougyoku)
    005. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Pac & Pal:
    001. 43920 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Ms. Pac-Man:
    001. 31007 (Tiger21820)
    002. 22811 (Lyn)
    003. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Jr. Pac-Man:
    001. 17220 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 62440 (Tiger21820)
    002. 51080 (Kougyoku)
    003. 43150 (tomthebomb)
    004. 31030 (Morgiana)
    005. 27270 (Lyn)

    001. 46720 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    New Rally-X:
    001. 82100 (Tiger21820)
    002. 51950 (Lyndis)
    003. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 49760 (Arial)
    002. 41810 (Tiger21820)
    003. 15720 (Morgiana)
    004. 650 (Lyn)
    005. 510 (Kougyoku)
    006. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Super Xevious:
    001. 67800 (Morgiana)
    002. 56140 (Tiger21820)
    003. 41590 (Arial)
    004. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Pole Position:
    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 31600 (Tiger21820)
    002. 31560 (Morgiana)
    003. 30430 (Lyn)
    004. 30400 (Morgiana)
    005. 30110 (Sammi)
    006. 29480 (Kougyoku)
    007. 27610 (Maria)
    008. 21640 (Lyndis)
    009. 20420 (MarissaT)
    010. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Pole Position II (Fuji Track):
    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 27150 (Kougyoku)
    002. 21060 (Lyn)
    003. 20420 (Lyndis)
    004. 17770 (Morgiana)
    005. 17250 (Tiger21820)
    006. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Pole Position II (Test Track):
    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 30360 (Lyn)
    002. 27940 (tomthebomb)
    003. 27510 (Kougyoku)
    004. 21650 (Lyndis)
    005. 21460 (Tiger21820)
    006. 21270 (Sammi)
    007. 20640 (Morgiana)

    Pole Position II (Suzuka Track):
    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 17160 (Tiger21820)
    002. 16990 (Lyn)
    003. 16430 (Kougyoku)
    004. 16340 (Morgiana)
    005. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Pole Position II (Seaside Track):
    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 16870 (Tiger21820)
    002. 16770 (Kougyoku)
    003. 15250 (Lyn)
    004. 12640 (Morgiana)
    005. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Pole Position II (Bootlegs):
    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 30580 (Tiger21820)
    002. 30550 (Kougyoku)
    003. 30340 (Arial)
    004. 27940 (Lyn)
    005. 27180 (Morgiana)
    006. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 83180 (Tiger21820)
    002. 40070 (Lyn)
    003. 1870 (Morgiana)
    004. 1630 (Kougyoku)
    005. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 125860 (Lyn)
    002. 119250 (Tiger21820)
    003. 105840 (Kougyoku)
    004. 104500 (Morgiana)
    005. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Gaplus/Galaga 3:
    001. 54600 (tomthebomb)
    002. 44300 (Tiger21820)
    003. 20900 (Lyn)

    Galaga '88:
    001. 119070 (tomthebomb)
    002. 96370 (Tiger21820)

    001. 57270 (Kougyoku)
    002. 56180 (Sammi)
    003. 55730 (Tiger21820)
    004. 34710 (Grace)
    005. 26200 (Lyn)
    006. 25410 (Maria)
    007. 200 (Morgiana)
    008. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Dig Dug:
    This game saves high scores to NVRAM except on certain versions of MAME UI64!
    001. 35580 (Tiger21820)
    002. 27180 (Morgiana)
    003. 21770 (Kougyoku)
    004. 16320 (Lyn)
    005. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Dig Dug II:
    001. 20000 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 40780 (tomthebomb)
    002. 39240 (Lyn)
    003. 36310 (Tiger21820)

    The Tower of Druaga:
    001. 1665460 (Tiger21820)
    002. 1127700 (Morgiana)
    003. 1058800 (Lyn)
    004. 937960 (Kougyoku)
    005. 59580 (Lyndis)
    006. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Sky Kid:
    001. 33070 (Tiger21820)
    002. 32283 (Lyn)
    003. 4508 (Kougyoku)
    004. 149 (tomthebomb)

    Sky Kid Deluxe:
    001. 7440 (Lyn)
    002. 6300 (Tiger21820)
    003. 149 (tomthebomb)

    Wonder Momo:
    001. 13900 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Dragon Buster:
    001. 26470 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Rolling Thunder:
    001. 115020 (Tiger21820)
    002. 54440 (Kougyoku)
    003. 47600 (Morgiana)
    004. 40000 (Lyn)
    005. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Rolling Thunder 2:
    001. 33120 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Marvel Land:
    001. 100 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 300 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 7510 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Cosmo Gang The Video (Singles):
    001. 531640 (tomthebomb)
    002. 216170 (Tiger21820)

    Cosmo Gang The Video (Doubles):
    001. 4064400 (tomthebomb)
    002. 140820 (Tiger21820)

    Cosmo Gang The Puzzle:
    001. 215478 (Kougyoku)
    002. 122721 (Tiger21820)
    003. 59768 (tomthebomb)
    004. 22744 (Notte)
    005. 11812 (Lyndis)
    006. 8487 (saschweitzer)

    Valkyrie No Densetsu:
    001. 100 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Tank Force:
    001. 400 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Splatter House:
    001. 200 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Tinkle Pit (Singles):
    001. 498850 (Kougyoku)
    002. 339050 (Tiger21820)
    003. 286600 (Lyn)
    004. 280460 (Morgiana)
    005. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Tinkle Pit (Doubles):
    001. 2824100 (Tiger21820)
    002. 2636540 (Kougyoku)
    002. 2636540 (Morgiana)
    004. 418290 (Lyn)
    005. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Konami games:

    001. 5810 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 1400 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Time Pilot:
    001. 51820 (Tiger21820)
    002. 39183 (Kougyoku)
    003. 35950 (Morgiana)
    004. 32178 (Lyn)
    005. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 46657 (Lyndis)
    002. 28620 (Tiger21820)
    003. 25289 (Kougyoku)
    004. 16617 (tomthebomb)

    Green Beret/Rush'n Attack:
    001. 24850 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 36387 (Tiger21820)
    002. 28070 (Lyn)
    003. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 48300 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 18100 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Nintendo games:

    Donkey Kong:
    001. 15493 (Kougyoku)
    002. 15244 (Morgiana)
    003. 6000 (Tiger21820)
    004. 700 (Lyn)
    005. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Donkey Kong Jr.:
    001. 8000 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Donkey Kong 3:
    001. 43200 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Mario Bros.:
    001. 36830 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Vs. Super Mario Bros.:
    001. 2450 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Vs. Balloon Fight:
    001. 56250 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Vs. Wrecking Crew:
    001. 11100 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Vs. Ice Climber:
    001. 20070 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Vs. Duck Hunt:
    001. 44200 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Vs. Pinball:
    001. 95960 (Tiger21820)
    002. 29490 (tomthebomb)

    Vs. Dr. Mario:
    001. 8700 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 4830 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Atari games:

    001. 3850 (tomthebomb)
    002. 3700 (Tiger21820)

    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 28622 (Kougyoku)
    002. 25708 (Tiger21820)
    003. 23517 (Maria)
    004. 22948 (Joy)
    005. 21970 (Morgiana)
    006. 21806 (Lyn)
    007. 0 (tomthebomb)

    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 77065 (Tiger21820)
    002. 74571 (Kougyoku)
    003. 74264 (Morgiana)
    004. 23136 (tomthebomb)
    005. 15498 (Lyn)

    APB - All Points Bulletin:
    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 66720 (Tiger21820)
    002. 26845 (Arial)
    003. 16720 (Joy)
    004. 13240 (Lyndis)
    005. 7115 (Grace)
    006. 0 (tomthebomb)

    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 50350 (Tiger21820)
    002. 2850 (Lyn)
    003. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Tetris (Atari):
    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 76850 (Grace)
    002. 75367 (Tiger21820)
    003. 64270 (Kougyoku)
    004. 57862 (Lyn)
    005. 44566 (Morgiana)
    006. 28388 (Sammi)
    007. 30238 (tomthebomb)
    008. 22399 (Notte)
    009. 22394 (Maria)

    Vs. Tetris:
    001. 228 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Bally/Williams/Midway games:

    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 130050 (Tiger21820)
    002. 48549 (Kougyoku)
    003. 45472 (Maria)
    004. 37127 (Lyn)
    005. 35883 (Lyndis)
    006. 35437 (Arial)
    007. 27084 (Morgiana)
    008. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Joust 2 - Survival of the Fittest:
    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 299700 (Tiger21820)
    002. 296700 (Kougyoku)
    003. 61150 (Lyn)
    004. 42650 (Maria)
    005. 31592 (Morgiana)
    006. 0 (tomthebomb)

    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 129513 (Tiger21820)
    002. 95895 (Maria)
    003. 91247 (Lyndis)
    004. 88363 (Sammi)
    005. 87298 (Grace)
    006. 56605 (Lyn)
    007. 20060 (tomthebomb)
    008. 14565 (Morgiana)
    009. 13015 (Kougyoku)

    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 34475 (Joy)
    002. 34275 (Morgiana)
    003. 28800 (Tiger21820)
    004. 27750 (Sammi)
    005. 18526 (Lyndis)
    006. 17525 (Lyn)
    007. 17428 (Kougyoku)
    008. 13704 (Arial)
    009. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Spy Hunter:
    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 16575 (Tiger21820)
    002. 15450 (Lyn)
    003. 9150 (Kougyoku)
    004. 7635 (Morgiana)
    005. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Spy Hunter II:
    001. 4100 (Lyn)
    002. 2900 (Morgiana)
    003. 1500 (Tiger21820)
    004. 0 (tomthebomb)

    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 59669 (Tiger21820)
    002. 58300 (Lyn)
    003. 50025 (Kougyoku)
    004. 45675 (Morgiana)
    005. 27725 (tomthebomb)
    006. 15650 (Sammi)

    001. 0 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Space Zap:
    001. 13000 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Sega games:

    001. 8680 (Tiger21820)
    002. 2710 (Lyn)
    003. 1600 (tomthebomb)

    001. 60640 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Bank Panic:
    001. 1500 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Play):
    001. 100 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Play):
    001. 100 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    SegaSonic The Hedgehog:
    001. 11 (Tiger21820)
    002. 5 (Morgiana)
    003. 1 (Kougyoku)
    004. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Puyo Puyo:
    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 29035 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Puyo Puyo 2:
    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!
    001. 33896 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 36190 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Cotton 2:
    001. 250700 (Lyn)
    002. 192004 (Tiger21820)
    003. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Cotton Boomerang:
    001. 352302 (Tiger21820)
    002. 281802 (Morgiana)
    003. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Tetris (Sega System E)
    001. 29873 (Lyn)
    002. 26585 (Morgiana)
    003. 13645 (Kougyoku)
    004. 11982 (Tiger21820)
    005. 1052 (tomthebomb)

    Tetris (Sega System 16A)
    001. 48138 (Grace)
    002. 45056 (Lyn)
    003. 41452 (Morgiana)
    004. 38586 (Kougyoku)
    005. 24833 (Tiger21820)
    006. 13371 (Arial)
    007. 3400 (tomthebomb)

    Capcom games:

    Ghosts'n Goblins:
    001. 118400 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Ghouls'n Ghosts:
    001. 2400 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    1943: The Battle of Midway:
    001. 34400 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    1943: Kai: Midway Kaisen:
    001. 5400 (Tiger21820)
    002. 5100 (Lyn)
    003. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Taito games:

    Space Invaders:
    001. 780 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Space Intruder:
    001. 80 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Space Invaders Part II:
    001. 460 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    KiKi KaiKai:
    001. 16450 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Onna Sanshirou - Typhoon Gal:
    001. 600 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Cleopatra Fortune:
    001. 500000 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Universal games:

    Lady Bug:
    001. 56311 (Tiger21820)
    002. 35453 (Lyndis)
    003. 23184 (Lyn)
    004. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Jaleco games:

    Mokomo 120%:
    001. 100 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Tetris Plus (Normal):
    001. 47200 (Morgiana)
    002. 45800 (Tiger21820)
    003. 29500 (Lyn)
    004. 28800 (Kougyoku)
    005. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Tetris Plus (Puzzle):
    001. 256642 (Lyn)
    002. 107603 (Kougyoku)
    003. 82401 (Tiger21820)
    004. 81414 (Morgiana)
    005. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Tetris Plus 2 (Endless Mode):
    001. 618612 (Tiger21820)
    002. 390604 (Lyn)
    003. 48004 (Kougyoku)
    004. 47828 (Morgiana)
    005. 2000 (Lyndis)
    006. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Tetris Plus 2 (Puzzle Mode):
    001. 866441 (Morgiana)
    002. 717507 (Lyndis)
    003. 665424 (Maria)
    004. 229526 (Tiger21820)
    005. 100000 (Lyn)
    006. 0 (tomthebomb)


    Puckman Pockimon:
    001. 500000 (Tiger21820)
    002. 59820 (Kougyoku)
    003. 30000 (tomthebomb)

    Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon:
    001. 400 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Namco Classic Collection Volume 1:

    001. 36890 (tomthebomb)
    002. 26830 (Tiger21820)

    Galaga Arrangement (Single):
    001. 281030 (tomthebomb)
    002. 112177 (Tiger21820)

    Galaga Arrangement (Pair):
    001. 913770 (tomthebomb)
    002. 267980 (Lovebeingsoba)
    003. 267700 (saschweitzer)
    003. 267700 (Tiger21820)

    001. 65100 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Super Xevious:
    001. 38480 (Tiger21820)
    002. 33120 (Lyn)
    003. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Xevious Arrangement:
    001. 43670 (Tiger21820)
    002. 1480 (tomthebomb)

    001. 54500 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Mappy Arrangement:
    001. 32760 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Namco Classic Collection Volume 2:
    This game saves high scores to NVRAM!

    001. 69264 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Pac-Man Arrangement:
    001. 189540 (Tiger21820)
    002. 145200 (Lyn)
    003. 140660 (tomthebomb)
    004. 51000 (Morgiana)

    001. 166170 (Tiger21820)
    002. 24250 (Lyn)
    003. 0 (tomthebomb)

    New Rally-X:
    001. 186710 (Tiger21820)
    002. 30 (Morgiana)
    003. 20 (Kougyoku)
    004. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Rally-X Arrangement:
    001. 185240 (Tiger21820)
    002. 84000 (Morgiana)
    003. 67900 (Lyn)
    004. 42510 (Kougyoku)
    005. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Dig Dug:
    001. 140420 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Dig Dug Arrangement (Single):
    001. 1040830 (Morgiana)
    002. 1018400 (Tiger21820)
    003. 35750 (Lyn)
    004. 28690 (Kougyoku)
    005. 0 (tomthebomb)

    Dig Dug Arrangement (Pair):
    001. 959080 (Tiger21820)
    002. 941240 (Morgiana)
    003. 929890 (MarissaT)
    004. 788980 (Lyn)
    005. 70560 (Kougyoku)
    006. 0 (tomthebomb)


    Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga 20 Year Reunion (Class of 1981):

    Note: This game saves high scores to NVRAM! It seems that many people are having trouble getting high scores to save on revision 1.03; in order for high scores to save on 1.03, wait for the game that the high score was achieved on to finish it's attract sequence, and once it has switched to the other game, then you can shut the power off! This has not been tested on an actual cabinet, but this works for MAME!

    Ms. Pac-Man:
    001. 678020 (Tiger21820)
    002. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 716430 (Tiger21820)
    002. 16490 (saschweitzer)
    003. 0 (tomthebomb)

    001. 1547310 (Tiger21820)
    002. 523170 (tomthebomb)
    003. 87150 (Kougyoku)
    004. 60090 (Lyn)


    Pinball Records:

    To do: Re-organize pinball manufactures more accurately


    World Cup Soccer '94:
    001. 9,958,863,180 (Tiger21820)
    002. 8,088,130,770 (Kougyoku)
    003. 7,721,333,840 (Morgiana)
    004. 4,032,507,950 (tomthebomb)
    005. 3,043,234,800 (Lyn)

    World Cup Soccer '94 Highest Scores:
    001. 9,655,444,720 (Kougyoku)
    001. 9,655,444,720 (Tiger21820)
    003. 6,711,117,370 (Morgiana)
    004. 5,862,994,790 (Lyn)
    005. 5,212,975,480 (tomthebomb)
    006. 4,925,687,910 (saschweitzer)

    World Cup Soccer '94 Final Match Goal Champion:
    001. 7 (Lyn)
    001. 7 (Tiger21820)
    003. 5 (Morgiana)
    004. 2 (tomthebomb)

    The Addams Family:
    001. 344,412,500 (Kougyoku)
    001. 344,412,500 (Tiger21820)
    003. 245,256,170 (Lyn)
    004. 213,877,230 (Grace)
    005. 203,395,880 (tomthebomb)
    006. 113,215,010 (Morgiana)

    NBA Fastbreak:
    001. 33,488,410 (Tiger21820)
    002. 18,834,980 (tomthebomb)
    003. 12,601,290 (Kougyoku)

    NBA Fastbreak (Game Points) (This is added to the total score!):
    001. 306 (Tiger21820)
    002. 245 (Morgiana)
    003. 224 (Lyn)
    004. 188 (tomthebomb)
    005. 116 (Kougyoku)
    006. 85 (Lyndis)

    Fish Tales:
    001. 535,931,040 (Tiger21820)
    002. 319,606,930 (Morgiana)
    003. 300,439,470 (Maria)
    004. 32,759,070 (tomthebomb)

    Fish Tales Biggest Liar:
    001. 10/5 (Tiger21820)
    002. 2/1 (tomthebomb)

    Top Boat Rocker:
    001. 7 (Arial)
    001. 7 (Tiger21820)

    Twilight Zone:
    001. 1,588,178,890 (Tiger21820)
    002. 967,120,650 (Morgiana)
    003. 801,651,510 (Lyn)
    004. 351,851,210 (tomthebomb)

    Twilight Zone Lost in the Zone Champion (This is added to the total score!):
    001. 456,736,260 (Tiger21820)

    Judge Dredd:
    001. 779,579,050 (Tiger21820)
    002. 179,074,070 (tomthebomb)

    Judge Dredd Super Game:
    001. 1,106,432,860 (Tiger21820)
    002. 803,043,400 (Sammi)
    003. 748,827,520 (Morgiana)
    004. 669,675,850 (Maria)
    005. 369,576,600 (tomthebomb)

    Demolition Man:
    001. 2,184,928,590 (Tiger21820)
    002. 1,824,506,090 (tomthebomb)
    003. 1,520,457,860 (Lyn)
    004. 1,233,635,670 (Kougyoku)
    005. 997,115,760 (Morgiana)

    Demolition Man Demolition Time Champion (This is added to the total score!):
    001. 0 (Tiger21820)

    Terminator 2: Judgement Day:
    001. 66,225,310 (Kougyoku)
    001. 66,225,310 (Tiger21820)
    003. 29,951,330 (Morgiana)
    004. 27,444,810 (Sammi)
    005. 15,547,900 (Lyn)
    006. 12,186,110 (tomthebomb)

    Popeye Saves the Earth:
    001. 1,426,909,600 (Tiger21820)
    002. 900,158,450 (Lyn)
    003. 617,209,130 (Kougyoku)
    004. 439,255,160 (tomthebomb)
    005. 9,000,000 (Morgiana)

    Popeye Saves the Earth Loop Champion:
    001. 3 (tomthebomb)
    002. 2 (Tiger21820)

    Attack From Mars:
    001. 18,050,682,000 (Lyndis)
    001. 18,050,682,000 (Tiger21820)
    003. 16,394,461,970 (Kougyoku)
    004. 15,371,162,110 (Lyn)
    005. 10,024,275,590 (Maria)
    006. 3,774,266,920 (tomthebomb)

    Attack From Mars (Buy-in):
    001. 56,641,745,520 (Kougyoku)
    002. 42,628,958,230 (Tiger21820)
    003. 15,607,316,210 (Morgiana)
    004. 5,856,897,150 (tomthebomb)

    Attack From Mars Alien Champion:
    001. 45 (Kougyoku)
    002. 34 (Tiger21820)
    004. 3 (tomthebomb)

    Black Rose:
    001. 203,632,890 (Tiger21820)
    002. 189,624,570 (Joy)
    003. 183,711,260 (Kougyoku)
    004. 131,370,150 (Lyn)
    005. 39,532,250 (tomthebomb)
    006. 16,403,210 (Morgiana)

    Black Rose Most Ships Sunk:
    001. 4 (Tiger21820)
    002. 1 (tomthebomb)

    Creature from the Black Lagoon:
    001. 369,701,180 (Kougyoku)
    001. 369,701,180 (Tiger21820)
    003. 228,251,450 (Lyn)
    004. 213,887,740 (Morgiana)
    005. 123,574,520 (tomthebomb)

    The Champion Pub:
    001. 98,612,040 (Lyn)
    001. 98,612,040 (Tiger21820)
    003. 57,016,780 (Morgiana)
    004. 42,890,100 (Kougyoku)
    005. 11,656,720 (tomthebomb)

    The Champion Pub Jump Rope Jumps:
    001. 8 (tomthebomb)
    002. 4 (Tiger21820)

    The Champion Pub Speed Bag Punches:
    001. 19 (Tiger21820)
    002. 1 (tomthebomb)

    001. 10,078,885,490 (Kougyoku)
    001. 10,078,885,490 (Tiger21820)
    003. 6,799,483,020 (Morgiana)
    004. 2,740,423,560 (tomthebomb)

    Congo (Buy-in):
    001. 14,294,500,130 (Morgiana)
    001. 14,294,500,130 (Tiger21820)
    003. 3,851,206,160 (tomthebomb)

    Congo Diamond Champion:
    001. 406 (Morgiana)
    001. 406 (Tiger21820)
    003. 136 (tomthebomb)

    The Shadow:
    001. 1,254,333,610 (Tiger21820)
    002. 1,179,865,340 (tomthebomb)
    003. 800,362,620 (Morgiana)

    The Shadow Buy-in Scores:
    001. 2,398,156,190 (Tiger21820)
    002. 1,783,561,130 (tomthebomb)

    The Shadow Loop Champion:
    001. 1 (Kougyoku)
    001. 1 (Tiger21820)
    001. 1 (tomthebomb)

    Tales of the Arabian Nights:
    001. 58,457,190 (Tiger21820)
    002. 26,782,040 (tomthebomb)

    Junk Yard:
    001. 142,699,420 (Lyn)
    001. 142,699,420 (Tiger21820)
    003. 119,127,370 (Morgiana)
    004. 107,095,390 (Kougyoku)
    005. 43,003,270 (tomthebomb)

    Junk Yard Midnight Madness Champion (This is added to the total score!):
    001. 4,680,000 (Kougyoku)
    001. 4,680,000 (Tiger21820)

    Dr. Who:
    001. 1,617,667,690 (Tiger21820)
    002. 1,596,880,850 (Lyn)
    003. 364,387,000 (tomthebomb)
    004. 13,358,910 (Kougyoku)
    005. 6,599,090 (Morgiana)

    Dr. Who Loop Champion:
    001. 10 (Lyn)
    001. 10 (Tiger21820)
    003. 4 (tomthebomb)

    Dr. Who Highest Davros Multiball Wave:
    001. 0 (Tiger21820)

    Party Zone:
    001. 81,620,510 (Kougyoku)
    001. 81,620,510 (Tiger21820)
    003. 72,399,400 (Lyn)
    004. 11,395,320 (tomthebomb)

    The Getaway High Speed II:
    001. 186,212,590 (Tiger21820)
    002. 166,752,930 (Arial)
    003. 153,501,030 (Kougyoku)
    004. 39,690,910 (tomthebomb)

    The Getaway High Speed II Loop Champion:
    001. 5 (Arial)
    001. 5 (Tiger21820)
    003. 1 (Kougyoku)

    Medieval Madness:
    001. 200,557,820 (Lyn)
    001. 200,557,820 (Tiger21820)
    003. 170,341,650 (Grace)
    004. 120,582,020 (Morgiana)
    005. 103,989,780 (Kougyoku)
    006. 25,445,210 (tomthebomb)

    Medieval Madness Castle Champion:
    001. 6 (Grace)
    001. 6 (Tiger21820)
    003. 2 (tomthebomb)

    Medieval Madness Joust Champion:
    001. 8 (Tiger21820)
    002. 3 (tomthebomb)

    Medieval Madness Catapult Champion:
    001. 4 (Lyn)
    001. 4 (Tiger21820)
    003. 1 (tomthebomb)

    Medieval Madness Peasant Champion:
    001. 5 (Lyn)
    001. 5 (Tiger21820)
    003. 1 (tomthebomb)

    Medieval Madness Damsel Champion:
    001. 4 (Grace)
    001. 4 (Tiger21820)
    003. 1 (tomthebomb)

    Medieval Madness Troll Champion:
    001. 35 (Lyn)
    001. 35 (Tiger21820)
    003. 4 (tomthebomb)

    Medieval Madness Madness Champion (This is added to the total score!):
    001. 12,875,000 (Lyn)
    001. 12,875,000 (Tiger21820)

    Theatre of Magic:
    Warning: The maximum score for this game is 9,999,999,990, after which, the score will literally roll over to 0 and start again! Non-qualifying scores won't count as high scores!
    001. 2,250,271,440 (Morgiana)
    001. 2,250,271,440 (Tiger21820)
    003. 1,495,149,500 (Kougyoku)
    004. 1,032,944,290 (tomthebomb)

    Theatre of Magic (Buy-in):
    Warning: The maximum score for this game is 9,999,999,990, after which, the score will literally roll over to 0 and start again! Non-qualifying scores won't count as high scores!
    001. 10,625,549,390 (Tiger21820)
    002. 5,078,935,360 (Kougyoku)
    003. 4,495,330,470 (tomthebomb)
    004. 3,375,687,870 (Lyn)

    Safe Cracker:
    001. $742,730 (Tiger21820)
    002. $711,580 (Lyn)
    003. $343,400 (tomthebomb)

    Safe Cracker Assault Champion:
    001. $2,651,800 (Tiger21820)
    002. $2,498,270 (Kougyoku)
    003. $2,064,480 (Lyn)
    004. $1,608,210 (tomthebomb)

    White Water:
    001. 597,559,390 (Tiger21820)
    002. 112,362,570 (Lyn)
    003. 88,707,060 (tomthebomb)

    White Water Insanity Record:
    001. 16 (Tiger21820)
    002. 5 (Lyn)

    Red & Ted´s Road Show:
    001. 2,301,909,750 (Lyn)
    001. 2,301,909,750 (Tiger21820)
    003. 1,373,163,800 (Sammi)
    004. 1,186,354,000 (Morgiana)
    005. 1,020,639,470 (tomthebomb)
    006. 2,000,090 (Kougyoku)

    Red & Ted´s Road Show Best Daily Score (This is added to the total score!):
    001. 6,211,250 (Tiger21820)
    002. 2,000,090 (Kougyoku)

    001. 47,962,870 (Lyn)
    001. 47,962,870 (Tiger21820)
    003. 42,413,340 (Morgiana)
    004. 33,371,750 (Kougyoku)
    005. 3,931,810 (tomthebomb)

    Hurricane Clown Time Record (This is added to the total score!):
    001. 1,450,000 (Tiger21820)

    Cirqus Voltaire:
    001. 237,657,260 (Lyn)
    001. 237,657,260 (Tiger21820)
    003. 199,704,200 (Sammi)
    004. 195,463,390 (Morgiana)
    005. 83,949,440 (tomthebomb)

    Cirqus Voltaire Cannon Champion:
    001. 94 (Tiger21820)
    002. 93 (Morgiana)
    003. 58 (tomthebomb)

    Cirqus Voltaire Party Champion (This is added to the total score!):
    001. 34,250,000 (Lyn)
    001. 34,250,000 (Tiger21820)

    No Good Gofers:
    001. 134,708,790 (Tiger21820)
    002. 26,946,400 (tomthebomb)

    No Good Gofers Hole-in-One Champion:
    001. 15 (Tiger21820)
    002. 2 (tomthebomb)

    No Good Gofers Best Daily Score (This is added to the total score!):
    001. 134,446,820 (Tiger21820)

    Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure:
    001. 1,034,393,070 (Tiger21820)
    002. 633,557,300 (Lyn)
    003. 485,625,430 (Kougyoku)
    004. 413,427,370 (tomthebomb)

    Star Trek: The Next Generation:
    Note: Any scores that exceed 9,999,999,990 will count as a Q Continuum score (See below)!
    001. 7,249,718,400 (Tiger21820)
    002. 5,192,970,340 (Lyn)
    003. 4,607,614,900 (Kougyoku)
    004. 1,133,069,600 (tomthebomb)
    005. 787,884,430 (Morgiana)

    Star Trek: The Next Generation (Q Continuum):
    001. 37,157,461,390 (tomthebomb)
    002. 23,612,569,880 (Tiger21820)
    003. 15,317,314,030 (Lyn)

    Star Trek: The Next Generation (Officer's Club):
    Note: Any scores that exceed 9,999,999,990 will count as a Q Continuum score (See above)!
    001. 8,602,889,180 (Tiger21820)
    002. 8,159,588,590 (Kougyoku)
    003. 6,817,677,520 (Morgiana)
    004. 2,359,438,050 (tomthebomb)
    005. 523,193,250 (Lyn)

    Scarred Stiff (The first pinball machine Tiger21820 has EVER seen!!!) :
    001. 48,749,510 (Kougyoku)
    001. 48,749,510 (Tiger21820)
    003. 19,381,080 (tomthebomb)

    Monster Bash:
    001. 559,478,940 (Tiger21820)
    002. 172,452,860 (Kougyoku)
    003. 162,354,780 (Lyn)
    004. 157,549,560 (Morgiana)
    005. 32,648,820 (tomthebomb)

    Monster Bash Bash Champion (This is added to the total score!):
    001. 67,559,000 (Morgiana)
    001. 67,559,000 (Tiger21820)

    Monster Bash Rock Champion (This is added to the total score!):
    001. 116,797,000 (Tiger21820)

    Harley Davidson (Bally):
    001. 23,933,460 (Kougyoku)
    001. 23,933,460 (Tiger21820)
    003. 20,393,280 (Lyn)
    004. 16,405,520 (tomthebomb)

    001. 12,733,270 (Lyn)
    001. 12,733,270 (Tiger21820)
    003. 8,545,470 (Kougyoku)
    004. 2,873,600 (tomthebomb)

    The Bally Game Show:
    001. 9,464,220 (Tiger21820)
    002. 8,731,220 (tomthebomb)
    003. 7,171,310 (Kougyoku)
    004. 5,066,210 (Joy)

    Dr. Dude:
    001. 10,936,120 (Lyn)
    001. 10,936,120 (Tiger21820)
    003. 7,878,370 (tomthebomb)

    Police Force:
    001. 29,147,950 (Tiger21820)
    002. 9,206,910 (tomthebomb)
    003. 5,562,600 (Morgiana)

    001. 2,305,420 (Lyn)
    001. 2,305,420 (Tiger21820)
    003. 663,560 (tomthebomb)

    Space Station:
    001. 3,341,660 (Morgiana)
    001. 3,341,660 (Tiger21820)
    003. 2,915,140 (Lyn)
    004. 2,574,470 (Kougyoku)
    005. 786,690 (tomthebomb)

    Mr. & Mrs. Pac-man:
    001. 1,064,220 (Tiger21820)
    002. 195,920 (tomthebomb)

    001. 6,356,170 (Tiger21820)
    002. 1,080,650 (tomthebomb)

    Solar Fire:
    001. 0 (Tiger21820)
    001. 0 (tomthebomb)


    Wipe Out:
    001. 234,678,610 (Tiger21820)
    002. 226,893,960 (Maria)
    003. 213,859,300 (Kougyoku)
    004. 153,037,160 (tomthebomb)

    Super Mario Bros.:
    001. 129,970,000 (Tiger21820)
    002. 115,237,680 (tomthebomb)
    003. 67,963,550 (Kougyoku)
    004. 63,463,430 (Lyn)
    005. 52,661,700 (Morgiana)

    Data East:

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
    001. 9,983,820 (Tiger21820)
    002. 3,927,410 (tomthebomb)

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Loop Record:
    001. ? (Tiger21820) (Apparently '?' is a record that can be set on this table!)

    Star Wars:
    001. 130,442,190 (Tiger21820)
    002. 108,281,650 (Lyn)
    003. 75,886,240 (Morgiana)
    004. 18,010,940 (tomthebomb)


    Mary Shelley's Frankenstein:
    001. 2,350,091,490 (Tiger21820)
    002. 1,840,992,950 (Lyn)
    003. 1,766,508,400 (Morgiana)
    004. 810,373,020 (tomthebomb)

    Batman Forever:
    001. 6,585,779,610 (Joy)
    001. 6,585,779,610 (Tiger21820)
    003. 4,056,357,520 (Lyndis)
    004. 3,072,493,810 (Morgiana)
    005. 2,938,875,060 (Grace)
    006. 1,669,229,170 (tomthebomb)

    Space Jam:
    001. 12,826,380 (Tiger21820)
    002. 11,241,070 (Morgiana)
    003. 10,919,640 (Lyn)
    004. 10,862,100 (Joy)
    005. 6,648,350 (tomthebomb)


    The Simpsons Pinball Party:
    001. 78,152,520 (Grace)
    001. 78,152,520 (Tiger21820)
    003. 47,500,280 (Lyn)
    004. 11,593,010 (tomthebomb)

    RollerCoaster Tycoon:
    001. 29,604,450 (Tiger21820)
    002. 27,597,700 (tomthebomb)
    003. 22,632,180 (Morgiana)

    Ripley's Believe It or Not:
    001. 139,014,640 (Morgiana)
    001. 139,014,640 (Tiger21820)
    003. 97,773,160 (Grace)
    004. 3,979,490 (tomthebomb)

    Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines:
    001. 221,445,650 (Tiger21820)
    002. 155,279,480 (Lyn)
    003. 103,708,550 (tomthebomb)
    004. 72,560,220 (saschweitzer)

    Harley Davidson:
    001. 145,889,570 (tomthebomb)
    002. 118,179,820 (Tiger21820)
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  • September 30th, 2019, 12:58 Advertising & self-promotion rules September 30th, 2019, 12:58 Advertising & self-promotion rules
    Link to relevant topic:

    1. Please keep all advertising & self-promotions in either the Advertising Forum (which you need 200 posts to use, so get to it!), your profile, or signature! Links that are relevant to an ongoing topic can be posted!

    2. Any threads or posts that contain self-promotion links (that are irrelevant to the scope of the board) outside of the Advertising Forum will either:

    a. Be moved to the said forum for those who are Full Members or higher,


    b. For Brand New Members, be removed from public view until the said member makes their 200th post, unless explicit permission (with proof!) was granted by an Administrator or Co-Administrator!

    We generally won't give out infractions for occasional violations, but if you keep on doing it over and over again, we will unfortunately have to warn you!

    3. Please don't advertise the same website in more than one thread! Bump it if you want, but don't over do it!

    4. If you have multiple websites that you want to promote, just make one big thread for them! :thumbsup :tigGet You can also edit your posts to add or remove links, so try to do that, kay?

    5. They don't have to be strictly your own websites! Feel free to post other people's or company websites ( or The Cutting Room Floor are great examples!)! It might help them out! :teacher
    However, if someone doesn't want their website here and asks for it to be removed, please do it! If you don't, we will!

    6. Please remove or fix broken/dead links! We don't need any rotting links here, they stink up the joint! :barf :tigSad

    7. Forbidden links
    This is a list of websites you MAY NOT advertise on Nintendo 3DS Central!
    Posting links to any such websites can and will result in warnings, or bans!
    This has a defined infraction system, and bans have fixed length, and apply for the entire board!
    After all Warnings expire (90 days for 1, not all), so do the penalty tiers (back to first)!
    All Warnings that involve bans will be applied AFTER the ban expires!

    A. Illegal software sharing websites (Includes video game ROMs, ISOs, and all other "Warez")
    First: ( Warning )
    Repeated: ( Ban: 5 days & Warning )

    B. Pornography, sexual, and all other explicit websites (Includes content posted from YouTube)
    First: ( 3 Warnings )
    Second: ( Ban: 10 days & Warning )
    Repeated: ( Ban: 1 month, & Warning )

    C. Illegal copyrighted media sharing websites (Includes music, films, television shows/anime, videos, illegally distributed images & anything else that bears the big bad "©" & "℗" , this does not include YouTube videos, as those are managed by Google, and if they violate copyright policy, then Google will delete those videos, so they cannot put anything on us! Public domain is fine!)
    First: ( Warning )
    Repeated: ( Ban: 5 days & Warning )

    D. Websites that pose a security risk to PCs, and other equipment (Viruses, Trojan Horses, Worms, Spyware, etc.)
    Phishing sites or scams also apply to this infraction!
    First: ( Ban: 3 months & 2 Warnings )
    Repeated: ( Ban: 9 months & 4 Warnings )

    E. Websites that pose a health risk to people (Seizures from strobes, etc.)
    ( Ban: ∞ & Staff Review )
    There doesn't have to be an incident, simply posting the link is enough to get banned!

    F. Anything else that violates our terms!

    If you have any questions, PM me, or email me at, or ask a Co-Administrator!
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  • September 30th, 2019, 14:23 Signature Rules September 30th, 2019, 14:23 Signature Rules
    While images in signatures can be unlimited in size, I kindly ask that you put larger images (those that are larger than 300px in height) in a [spoil] (Spoiler) tag! Also, please use spoilers if you have multiple images that would exceed 300px in height total! Regarding width, if an image stretches out of the board or forces horizontal scrolling, then that image is too large, and needs to be removed! If we deem necessary, we will edit signatures so they will comply with our rules! If you keep violating these rules, you may end up getting warned, and/or having your signature privileges removed for a while, so don't do that, okay?

    Signatures have a 9999 character limit, so that's okay, right?
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  • January 13th, 2020, 17:08 Gambling and Nintendo 3DS Central January 13th, 2020, 17:08 Gambling and Nintendo 3DS Central
    As said before, gambling in certain places may be heavily regulated, or completely illegal in some places, and this forum does not have the proper authority to operate in a gambling environment, nor can it ever! It is impossible! You may play forum games here and use forum points for whatever, but we're talking about *ACTUAL* currency here! If you want to gamble with real money, take it elsewhere! We do not want to be any part of it! If you get in trouble for illegal gambling, we cannot vouch for you! Don't forget, depending on the laws, gambling with real money is illegal for those under 21 to 18!

    This is a list of acts that are prohibited at Nintendo 3DS Central:

    0. Whatever is against the law in the United States and/or whatever violates Hostinger's terms of use is prohibited here!

    1. Betting money for any kind of purpose in order to win something through acts such as games of chance

    2. Posting links to websites related to gambling

    3. Promoting, starting, or participating in unapproved or illegal raffles, drawings, or lotteries (we will not accept proposals for these kind of things!)

    4. Encouraging or assisting minors to illegally gamble; we will report you to the FBI or whatever your country calls it if we catch you doing this! This is HIGHLY illegal!!

    5. Asking for assistance to illegally smuggle unauthorized gambling devices (depending existing laws, and besides, we don't engage in that sort of trade) to where you are (You won't be warned or banned for doing this, just a nice little "No, we cannot help you here, sorry"!)

    6. We will not provide information on how to convert token accepting pachislo machines to accept real currency, so please don't ask! You won't warned or banned for asking, and I'm sure you know what the answer will be! :tounge1 :tigLovely

    7. Anything else not posted here!

    Engaging in these acts (except 5 or 6) can and will result in warnings (Most likely up to 1), temporary or permanent bans, or your account terminated and deleted! BANNED FOR LIFE if you will!

    Alright? No using real money to gamble! Forum points for harmless games, yes, but real money, nahhh! Tiger OUT! :tigRunning
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  • September 6th, 2019, 17:36 User Ranks September 6th, 2019, 17:36 User Ranks
    This is a list of user ranks, and however many posts you need to get them! Special ranks will also be listed here!

    Those who are an Administrator will have this rank!

    Those who are a Co-Administrator will have this rank!

    Those who are a Moderator will have this rank!

    NDSCentral Veteran
    Those who are a NDSCentral Veteran will have this rank!

    Honorary Member
    Those who are an Honorary Member will have this rank! Discord staff that retire WILL NOT get this rank, since they alone are not forum staff!

    Those who have been banned for less than a month will have this rank! These members are not in the "Banned Members" group! Also, any account that has been deactivated will have this rank!

    Those who are a Banned Member will have this rank! This is for members with a ban that is a month or longer (permanently banned members will also have this rank)!

    Brand New Member
    Those who are a Brand New Member will have this rank!

    These are members who are VERY IMPORTANT! Moderators and Co-Administrators are not allowed to warn or ban them!

    Original Member
    Rank graphic by CaptainDrewBoy! This rank is for use exclusively by him!

    The member ranks!
    Those who are a Full Member will have one of these ranks based on how many posts they have! Please note that these are just for show, and do not grant any additional permissions, or change how they can use the forum!

    Full Member (200 Posts)
    Freshman Member (230 Posts)
    Sophomore Member (250 Posts)
    Junior Member (300 Posts)
    Senior Member (500 Posts)
    Graduate Member (1000 posts)
    Golden Member (2000 posts)
    Royalty Member (5000 posts)
    Legendary Member (10000 posts)
    Master Member! (50000 posts)
    Super Master Member!! (100000 posts)
    Hyper Master Member!!! (500000 posts)
    GRAND MASTER MEMBER!!!!!!!!!! (750000 posts)
    TIGER21820's CHOSEN ONE!!!!!!!! (1000000 posts)

    Affiliation Ranks:
    These ranks are only given, upon request, to those who are affiliated with specific communities! If you are a member of any of these communities, please make a request in the Affiliation Rank Requests in the Feature Requests forum with a link to your profile or some other proof of membership! Members who are currently banned from a specific community are void from getting these ranks! Nintendo 3DS Central + Discord staff also may not have their rank changed for as long as they are staff, but can still make a request for future reference if they retire! You can only have one of these ranks, but you can post in the Affiliation Rank Requests topic if you want a different rank, or if you want it revoked at anytime you wish! These do not grant additional privileges, they are just for show!

    Note that these are currently experimental, and may end up being removed from the forums at some point!
    These ranks can be revoked at any time, either upon banning or removal from a specific community, or to an Administrator or Co-Administrator's discretion!

    Gaming Latest User
    Those who have a valid membership at Gaming Latest can request this rank!

    Wario Forums User
    Those who have a valid membership on the Wario Forums can request this rank!

    Gaming Reinvented User
    Those who have joined the Gaming Reinvented Discord server can request this rank!

    You can make your requests here:

    Unused ranks:
    These ranks are currently unused, but may eventually serve a purpose in the future! If you have any ideas on how these can be used, mention it in the Feature Requests forum!

    Support Team


    Retired ranks:
    These ranks once served a purpose (or may never have been used in the first place), but have fallen out of use as of late and will no longer be assigned to any member!

    Discord Administrator
    Anyone who is an Administrator on the Discord server will have this rank, except for forum staff members, they use different ranks! Discord staff alone are not considered forum staff! This is a seldom used rank, as most Discord staff are also forum staff!

    Discord Moderator
    Anyone who is a Moderator on the Discord server will have this rank, except for forum staff members, they use different ranks! Discord staff alone are not considered forum staff! This is a seldom used rank, as most Discord staff are also forum staff!

    If you want any new ranks added to the forum, post it in the Feature Requests forum!
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  • January 18th, 2020, 15:14 Rules for multiple accounts (Amended) January 18th, 2020, 15:14 Rules for multiple accounts (Amended)
    These are the rules for using additional accounts!

    0. You are allowed to have no more than 3 accounts!

    1. All associated accounts will be treated as the same user!

    2. All alternate accounts are subject to ALL rules! There are no exceptions! Here is an example of how NOT to use an alternate account!

    3. If an alternate account breaks ANY rules, then ALL other accounts will receive the SAME punishment if one gets banned! Warnings only apply to one account! Bans apply to ALL accounts! If one account receives a 1 month ban, the others will be banned for 1 month!

    4. When you use an alternate account, act as you would on your regular account! Do not act as a completely different person, and toll the boards, cuz that's just not cool! Remember to be yourself! :dancingmario

    5. We can look up IP addresses to make sure it's you! Keep that in mind if you intend to spam the boards with other accounts!

    6. The ability to have multiple accounts is unfortunately a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT! If you abuse your alternate accounts, then you will lose access to them! Whichever account signed up the earliest will be the one we decide to let you keep using! Do not make any more accounts than the amount you were allowed to have, and do not create any accounts if any are banned! You know that, right?

    7. We reserve the right to ban, or disallow the creation of alternate accounts either for a certain member, or the entire forum at any time, for any reason!

    8. Both Co-Administrators AND Moderators are subject to these rules! Come on guys! Remember your position here at Nintendo 3DS Central! :para: :rock3:

    9. HA-HA! :laughing4

    As of right now, all future alternate accounts MUST be approved by me or a Co-Administrator!

    Any current alternate accounts by anyone that have been currently registered before June 27, 2022 may continue being used!
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