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Here are some links for those who don't know how to get around yet!

Ultimate Points (You must be logged in first!): app.php/ultimatepoints
Transfer points to other members; play the lottery and try to score BIG points; open an account and deposit (or withdraw) those hard earned points to prevent them from being stolen; and rob others of THEIR hard earned points!

Ultimate Points List: app.php/ultimatepointslist
View the list of those with points on hand!

mChat (You must be logged in and have 200 posts!): app.php/mchat
Chat with other members here!

Knowledge Base (You must have 200 posts to add anything without approval!): app.php/kb/index
Learn about stuff or contribute it here!

Post Top List: app.php/toplist
View the best ratings for posts, topics, and forums!

List of Thanks: app.php/thankslist
View a list of everyone who has thanked posts!

Font Awesome Cheat Sheet: https://fontawesome.com/v4.7.0/cheatsheet/
Go here to see a complete set of characters for Font Awesome! Use these for your posts! :iconbiggrin

Knuffle: app.php/knuffel
Play a Yahtzee game! Get a high score!

Nintendo 3DS Central Blogs!: app.php/blog
Post your blogs! Brand New Members must have their blogs approved before they can be posted!

Hangman Game: app.php/hangman
Play Hangman! What else is there to say?

Hangman Deluxe Game: app.php/hangmangame
Play Hangman! What else is there to say? Oh yeah, there is a high score feature, and if you are a Full Member or better, CUSTOM PUZZLES!!!

Puzzle: app.php/puzzle
Do some puzzles with various images! If you want me to add your own images to a puzzle, post it in the Feature Requests forum!

Downloads: app.php/downloadsystem
Upload a File: app.php/downloadsystemupload
If you are a full member, you can upload some files! Do so sparingly, and do not upload anything larger than 4 MB! Anyone who is logged in can download files!

DM Quotes Collection: app.php/quotescollection
Read various quotes! You can add your own quote if you have any on your mind!

Basic Statistics: app.php/basicstats
View various statistics for Nintendo 3DS Central!

Quizzes: app.php/quiz/index
Play quizzes made by various members, or make your own!

Gallery: app.php/gallery
Upload images!
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