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Unread post by Tiger21820 MASTER!! »

Here is a list of potential questions that members may ask about the forums! If you have a question, ask it here! User question numbers start at 501!

Q. Do you own this forum?
A. I sure do! :bowser5

Q. I cannot post in the Spam Forum, Forum Games, or Advertising Forum! I also cannot chat in mChat, or post in the Knowledge Base! Why!?
A. Brand New Members cannot do those things! You need to be a Full Member to do so!

Q. Ok, how do I become a Full Member?
A. Make 200 posts! You can do it! :clapping

Q. What is the history of Nintendo 3DS Central?
A. Visit this topic and you may see a brief time line of Nintendo 3DS Central! This is the 4th forum in Nintendo 3DS Central's lifetime!

A. Maybe! Visit this topic, and if it's open, make an application there and I will consider the possibilities!

Q. What about an Administrator? Huh? HUH??
A. 'Frade not... Because of an event involving an abuse of power and me dealing with it unprofessionally, I cannot accept unsolicited applications for becoming an Administrator! I am the only one on this forum who will be an Administrator, since I am paying for hosting, and owning the domain name! Honestly, I blame Forumotion for not including the same permission system as Vanilla phpBB which WOULD HAVE prevented that from happening!!! I say good riddance to free hosted forums!

A. Well, the Co-Administrator group was especially made to address the potential issues that an inexperienced Administrator could make, however, in order to apply for a Co-Administrator, you will need to be qualified first! You can find details about them here! There still needs to be open positions in order to apply, and they DO NOT open very often, because I am VERY picky about who I will accept!

Q. I was banned! What do I do!!!!
A. Calm yourself! Take a deep breath... Think about what you done, and follow these EXTREMELY helpful tips!
008-001. Wait for the ban to expire, and never create another account to bypass this!
008-002. If you were banned unfairly or do not agree with the ban, email me at and tell me why you were banned, how long you were banned, who banned you, and why you should not have been banned! I will talk to whoever banned you, and get the details from him/her! If the ban wasn't fair, the ban will either be voided, or shortened! If we decide that the ban was proper, then we will tell you, and will not be up for any further debate! Be polite and diplomatic about it, or we will ignore you!

Q. Someone is breaking the rules! Should I do something about it?
A. Yes! You can PM me, a Co-Administrator, or Moderator, but the best thing to do is to use the report post button and we will take it from there! Do not confront them! Let us handle it! And do not announce that you reported the member, please!

Q. Can you install or add an extension/style/language/rank/smilie/etc. for me? This would be a really cool thing to have here!
A. Post your requests in the Feature Requests Forum!

Q. How many accounts can I have?
A. You can have up to 2 alternate accounts, which means you can have a total of three accounts! But don't abuse them or use them to evade bans, or else... :aggressive
Here is an example of how NOT to use an alternate account!

Only 1! If you want to have another account, PM me, another Administrator or a Co-Administrator to request permission to create an additional account! If permission is granted, then go ahead and make one! Keep in mind that additional accounts will be treated as equal to primary accounts, and if you misbehave, warnings and/or bans will be applied to BOTH your accounts! This is a privilege, so don't abuse them or use them to evade bans, or else... :aggressive
Any current alternate accounts by anyone that have been currently registered before June 27, 2022 may continue being used!
Please refer to rule 8 for any details on additional accounts not discussed here!

Q. How many warnings can I get before I am banned; how long is a ban; and how long until warnings expire?
A. Currently, 5 warnings will give you a 5 day ban, and warnings will expire after 90 days!

Q. What is a “NDSCentral Veteran”, and how do I become one?
A. A member who has registered in the 1st (Pro-forums), 2nd (Forumer), and 3rd (Forumotion) generations of Nintendo (3)DS Central (NDSCentral as it was called back then)! It provides nearly the same permissions as an Honorary Member would have, except that they cannot see the Staff Lounge (Unless they are ALSO an Honorary Member), but have access to a very special board! They also have the NDSCentral Veteran rank! Only those who have joined the older forums prior to this board's creation (Before September 5th, 2019) are eligible for this group!

Q. How does thanking work?
A. On anyone's posts, find a thumbs up icon on the top right corner of the post, and click it!

Q. Can I delete my posts or threads?
A. Nope! Not even Moderators can! Only I or a Co-Administrator can delete posts or threads!

Q. What is an "Honorary Member", and how do I become one?
A. An Honorary Member is a member who was once a Co-Administrator or Moderator on the forums but decided to step down from their position! They have a few privileges regular members don't have, like posting sticky threads, locking their own topics (but they can't unlock them, however), posting in the Announcements Forum, and have access to the Staff Lounge! If a Moderator gets demoted due to breaking the rules, they will not become Honorary Members, and if an Honorary Member gets banned, they will become either a Full Member(if they have 200 or more posts), or a Brand New Member (if they have less than 200 posts) when (or if) their ban expires!

Q. What are points, how do I score them, and what can I use them for?
A. Points are a currency for Nintendo 3DS Central!
017-001. You get them primarily by posting! Adding topics, posts, and editing posts give you points! Different forums have different point values! There are a few other ways to score them too!
017-002. You can deposit them into the Nintendo 3DS Central Vault and protect them from being stolen by other members, purchase lottery tickets and try to win lots of points, donate them to other members, or try to steal them!
017-003. Members can also provide services in exchange for points! 2 examples would be opening an artwork commission shop, or a cheat code hacking service!

Q. What are the odds of winning the lottery? How does the jackpot increase?
A. The odds of winning the lottery are currently 1.00%! The jackpot starts at 5000.01, and increases by 1.00 for each ticket purchased, and increases by 5000.01 after every round a member participates in (it doesn't increase if no tickets are bought)! There is a drawing each hour! Note that buying additional tickets on the same round WILL NOT increase your chances of winning (As far as I can tell)! Buying additional tickets only increases the jackpot pool further, and nothing else!

Q. What is the VIP rank, and can I get it!?
A. The VIP rank is only given to specific members that I have special ties with! They are moved into the Full Members usergroup (they will have access to all of the features without having to make 200 posts!), and Moderators and Co-Administrators are not allowed to warn or ban them! And if you have to ask, the answer is no! :tounge1

Q. What was the highest lottery jackpot, who won it, and when?
A. The biggest jackpot was 1,133,198.82, won by heh, me! Tiger21820! on August 1st, 2022, 1:59 (UTC -05)!

Q. There are WAY too many forums! Are you going to get rid of any or what?
A. One thing you can do is on the top right corner of each category, there is a -, click on that, and it will collapse the category! Click the +, and it will expand! That should make browsing much easier!

Q. Why can't I post smilies?
A. Because it can cause 403 errors to prevent you from accessing the forum for around 5 minutes! This is most likely due to the server (LiteSpeed) that Nintendo 3DS Central is hosted on not allowing around 473 images from loading at once! The temporary block is based on IP addresses, so if you were to switch IPs, then you would get access back! But since this is such an inconvenience to me and my users, I have smilies disabled for the foreseeable future! This problem has not been solved, and I don't know when (or even IF) this problem will be solved! I do apologize for this hopefully temporary inconvenience, and hope that some day I can get to the bottom of it and get it fixed once and for all!
It seems the issue is completely fixed! :excited4:

Q. You mentioned a secret forum! Any ideas on how to find it?
A. You're on your own for that one! You may stumble upon a link to it, but no one ever looks there, right?

A. As if it wasn't obvious already...

Q. How do I set my Hangman puzzle guesses above 20!? I'VE SEEN PUZZLES GO ALL THE WAY UP TO 127!!! THE FREAKIN' HECK, MAN!!!!
A. You can't! Only special puzzles made by me, or my clones may have their guess count set higher than 20! 21+ guess setting is not available to ordinary members! Sorry about that!
Oh, what the heck! I won't guarantee anything, but if you want to have one of your unsolved puzzles have more than 20 guesses (don't even know why you would, as it would make the game so much easier, but whatever! It's your puzzle!), PM me the puzzle number, and the number of guesses you want it to have, and I'll see what I can do! The maximum is 127(!) guesses, so don't request anything higher than that!

Q. I don't even own a 3DS! Do I need one to join?
A. Of course not! Nintendo 3DS Central is just but a name, as a successor to Nintendo DS Central!! It is also to honor my favorite video game handheld! But you don't need one to participate on Nintendo 3DS Central! We talk about video games in general, but mostly with a focus on Nintendo! There are plenty of forums for discussing non-Nintendo video games and their systems as well, just not nearly as much!

Q. How do I use the RPG feature?
A. Start by creating a character here: ucp.php?i=-oxpus-rpg-ucp-main_module&mode=add_char
Then when you post a new topic, make a reply (not 'Quick Reply'!), or edit a post, look for the 'RPG Tools' tab, and do the rest!
There are many more things that you can see or do, but that's for you to figure out!

Q. Why does Nintendo 3DS Central load so slowly on my iPhone!?
A. iPhone is crap, iPhone Safari sucks and blows! Use a computer while browsing Nintendo 3DS Central!

Q. Why can't I access the site on my Nintendo 3DS?
A. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it may be an incompatibility with something related to Cloudflare! I'll look into it someday, (Not gonna happen!) but answer me this: Who's browsing the internet on the Nintendo 3DS nowadays?

Q. How can I access Nintendo 3DS Central on my Nintendo Switch?

A. NO, I WILL NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q. When I try to log in, "Tried to redirect to potentially insecure url!" appears! What is going on?
A. What's going on is that you forgot to add www in the url! Put www in the url, and then try again!

Q. I'm really enjoying this forum, and want to support you! Can I donate money to you?
A. Why thank you for your continued interest in Nintendo 3DS Central! Unfortunately, due to complications and strict legal obligations that I would rather not have to pain myself with, I will not be accepting donations of any kind! Again, thanks for your interest in the community!

Q. I just changed my avatar! Why isn't it showing up on my posts!?
A. It will take some time for your avatar change to be reflected across the forum! It may take around 30 minutes to an hour at least for changes to be applied! Don't worry! Your new avatar will eventually show up on your posts! This also applies to changes to various elements of the forums such as style changes! I have to wait for things to update when I make changes to certain files, but trust me, it's working! ;)

Q. Reserved
A. Reserved

Q. Reserved
A. Reserved

Q. Reserved
A. Reserved

Q. Reserved
A. Reserved

Q. Reserved
A. Reserved

Q. Reserved
A. Reserved

Q. Reserved
A. Reserved

Q. Reserved
A. Reserved

Q. Reserved
A. Reserved

Q. Reserved
A. Reserved

Q. Reserved
A. Reserved

Q. Reserved
A. Reserved

Q. Reserved
A. Reserved

Q. Reserved
A. Reserved

Q. Reserved
A. Reserved

Q. Reserved
A. Reserved

Q. Reserved
A. Reserved

501. By CM30
Q. What is the ratings about?
A. I will get to that at some point... See this topic until I can post it here!

More soon! Ask your own questions here and I will add them to this post! Numbers start at 501 for user questions!
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