Streaming the 3DS is a Nightmare

Because I tried.

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Streaming the 3DS is a Nightmare


Unread post by Artisan »

I feel like this is more of a problem with Windows 11 and firewalls more than any other because that's what the error says.

New 2DS LL
The Luma 3DS 3GX Loader build.
Latest version of NTR Boot (but not the CIA, the homebrew one)

Windows Security

I turned off all the firewalls I could, allowed Snickerstream on Webroot AND RAN SNICKERSTREAM AS ADMINISTRATOR.
Guess what. I got this error:
SS error.png
I don't know what I'm doing wrong other than making it a CIA. Is my 5G internet the problem? It's worked fine before but the reason I tried the firewall was because it kept shutting down the app preventing me from streaming when it did show both screens.
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