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Post all of your forum milestones here! Are you about to hit 1000 posts!? Then make that post here!
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About this forum


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This forum is for members to announce milestones they've are making!

If members have made a post count goal, a topic count goal, or a forum wide post count/Topic count, they can post it here! They can reply in their topic in case they reach a special post count number that isn't a multiple of 100! For example, @DPadDoc has made a topic here to commemorate the posting of his 100th post! He can continue posting to that topic to commemorate additional post count milestones while he is still at 1XX posts, such as making his 111th post, or his 123rd post, or if he's at 198 (I do this myself), he can post his 199th post in his 100th post topic, and then immediately make a new 200th post topic (Which consequently, results in him graduating to the Full Members group and unlocking the rest of the forum features (side note: @DPadDoc is a Moderator here, so he already has Full Member privileges should he decide to retire!) and that's DEFINITELY a good milestone!), to commemorate it! Then I, or another staff member can lock his old 100th post topic, and he can post milestones while still at 200 posts!

There are other milestones that you can post here too! You can post a milestone for Nintendo 3DS Central if you want, in case I don't get to making it first!
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