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Mario Kart 7 and CGTP 7 Thread


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I have never played MK7 CGTP but I did play MK7 in single-player until I got the Gold Chassis and previously unlocked the Wheels in standard play. Never wanted the Gold Wheel but I did get 3 stars on everything else. I used to memorize all the tracks MK7 had to offer. I always felt like the highest stats you needed in MK7 were both Speed and Handling. I couldn't handle the speed as well so my best kart combo is in the description here in my signature. However, with Mushroom wheels, you did get better speed underwater, high handling, and speed than any other wheels, and then use a normal stat glider because acceleration-boosting gliders slow you down in the air. When you try Bowser's Airship DS you need that combo because you can turn so tight on that last spiral you can save so much time. Maybe the custom karts made the game unbalanced, but it relies on your skill of the tracks rather than spamming the snaking tech in MKDS. I never played the Mod for my homebrew 3DS however you can use it on your normal copy of the game and maybe I'll hit that up when I find out how to stream 3DS. Great series, but MK8 DX and it's DLC are also looming in the back of my mind when I had enough and want an extra challenge from 200cc.
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