Puzzle & Dragons Z Helper Codes & Orb Codes (US region)

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Fire & Ice Puzzle & Dragons Z Helper Codes & Orb Codes (US region)


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Codes are case-sensitive!

PZFYLLJ - Chuck’s Flare Drall
PZQHOIY - Paul’s Ur-Chimera
PZIMYDH - Yamamoto’s King Metal Dragon
PZJUHJD - Takahara’s King Gold Dragon
PZVIOWD - Chrono T's ChronoTurtle
PZYRBAJ - Ethan’s Witch of the Night, Lilith
PZNDIRY - Maggie’s Blazing Elder
PZYWTLG - Nichole’s Fenrir Knight Kamui
PZZEREA - Scott’s Kachina Kuchina
PZIPUXI - Jada’s Mighty Moai
PZCUVFT - Tiana’s Oni Wheel
PZMSOIR - Taylor’s Shardran
PZAWEMK - Edward's Dragon Basara
PZQJXPU - Lulu’s Giga Shynee
PZZIKXP - Galita's Chimera
PZIQCAG - JokerGal’s Drawn Joker
PZPBNCD - RC’s Great Valkyrie
PZIXJQS - Nonoco’s Empress of Serpents, Echidna

Orb codes only work for the US region!

HEY! You can’t view this file! But there might be other files that you can view though!
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