CosmiBall for Wii U and 3DS announced, both versions release on October 6th, 2022

The actual last new Wii U (and now 3DS) eShop game?

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CosmiBall for Wii U and 3DS announced, both versions release on October 6th, 2022


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On September 20th of 2022, aspiring indie dev Desk Ink announced that they will be rolling out a brand new game on both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS by the name of CosmiBall (CosmiBall 3D for the 3DS version). CosmiBall is primarily a 2D platformer game that the developer calls a "Multi-Dimensional TechnoBeat Boxtacle Course" which uses physics for the platforming. Every stage in the game will make use of both the TV and the Gamepad, jumping through the top of the Gamepad will pop up the CosmiBall through the bottom of the TV screen. The player will unlock new abilities as they progress throughout the game in order to traverse later stages.

Trailer (Wii U version only):

Official CosmiBall site on Desk Ink's website.
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