How to claim My Nintendo Gold Points

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How to claim My Nintendo Gold Points


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If you have a game card version of any game that is less than a year old of being released, on your switch menu, highlight the game you want to claim your Gold points from, press the + button to open the options menu! Then go to "My Nintendo Rewards Program", then select "Earn Points (Game Card version only)", select your user, and that's it! Please keep in mind that this can ONLY be done for games that have been released for LESS THAN ONE YEAR! If you purchase software or DLC from the eShop, the points will automatically be applied to your account! Gold points expire a year after those specific points were applied, meaning if you applied Gold points on September 20th, 2020, they would expire September 20th, 2021, so be sure to use those before they expire! You definitely don't want those expiring! Gold points can be substituted for eShop funds, where 1 Gold point is equivalent to 1 US cent (or whatever your currency's lowest possible value is)!
You must have the corresponding game card inserted for it to work!
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