A warning to those purchasing the DLC with intents to play them at the same time

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A warning to those purchasing the DLC with intents to play them at the same time


Unread post by Tiger21820 MASTER!! »

If you have 2 Switches that are linked to the same Nintendo ID and play both versions at the same time, you are going to have A LOT of trouble playing them if you get the DLC on both Switches! The systems cannot tell the two DLC versions apart, and the Sword and Shield DLC are being treated as one! These problems are mostly apparent on your secondary Switch, and these problems include (but don't limit to):
For this list, Sword will be the primary system, and Shield will be the secondary system!
1. By default, Shield will need an internet connection to, and the online service cannot be used on more than one system that is linked to the same Nintendo ID, which, in my opinion, is the ABSOLUTE STUPIDEST thing anyone could EVER come up for a paid service!
2. If Sword is on the title screen, then Shield will automatically suspend itself if it is connected to the internet until Sword gets past the title screen... The best way to get both games to play at the same time is to start Shield first, and then start Sword after Shield is past the title screen!
3. Connecting to the internet on Sword may cause Shield to suspend itself, and Connecting to the internet on Shield (usually the first time) will almost always cause it to suspend itself! Shield is also prone to connection dropping!
4. Shield will automatically close or suspend itself if you don't connect to the internet every once in a while (it will warn you)
5. You might not be able to play both games at the same time at all once the DLC is officially accessible! The games already have trouble playing side by side even after pre-purchasing the DLC!

The Sword and Shield DLC are two different products, so why can't you play them at the same time? It makes no sense! Well, if I cannot play the DLC on both games at the same time, I might go complain to them! It's a long shot, but if anyone else who enjoys playing both games at the same time has problems with this, then they should reach out to Nintendo and request them to allow the use of both Sword and Shield DLC running on two separate Switches linked to the same Nintendo ID! If enough people can do this, they may consider it!

Honestly! Did Nintendo or Game Freak even EVER consider that there are people who actually buy both games and will go out of their way to purchase a second Switch JUST so they can play them at the same time!? I think this problem needs to be addressed ASAP!
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