Pokémon Home Pokédex completion success?

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Pokémon Home Pokédex completion success?


Unread post by Tiger21820 MASTER!! »

How many Pokémon have you registered in Pokémon Home?

I have registered 807 out of 898 Pokémon! That's 89.13% of all Pokémon!

This is out of date, and who knows when I update it!
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Re: Pokémon Home Pokédex completion success?


Unread post by Artisan »

I have everything from Gen 6 registered but when I transferred some from Ultra Sun it wasn't as thorough as when I did for X leaving me with Gen 7-8 to deal with, but hopefully it won't be so bad. The number is above 710 anyway and I still need mythical Pokemon to complete some earlier Gens.
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