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Fire & Ice Pokemon Sword and Shield


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This game. Is it pants or is it kingly. I say it's in between. The graphics are okay but Pokemon has always had a cartoon look to each of their characters. The story is as cookie-cutter as Pokemon goes. Battle guys with Pokemon who are good and bad and they fight and you beat them all and end up saving them from the end of the world while going on a happy quest with monsters you see along the way. It has a gimmick of fighting upscaled Pokemon with the same super-effective move and if you are Level 100 and good stats you are guaranteed to catch that one and add it to your collection. I used transferred Pokemon but tried not to use the over-leveled ones in the main story. It was fun but simple as I EV trained everyone in my party 252/252/6 so I used Nasty Plot on a Theavul and won because of that and scattered typing on my team. I just wish there was a Lv50 custom rules in VS and I wish NSO was free to compete with Pokemon Battle Revolution but what can you do? Anyways, if you want a match that's fine, just PM me.
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