Elden Ring Fan GB Demake

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Elden Ring Fan GB Demake


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Read from CBR, Saw the teaser:

-shin- plans to release the game for others to play and says they are aiming for a demo release near the end of May.

"I'm using GB Studio 3.0, a really impressive and brand new piece of software to develop this game," -shin- explained, then said they aren't certain yet of the scope of their undertaking just yet. However, they did say they are "hoping to finish Limgrave area by the end of May." While the 8-bit version is about as accurate as expected for such a radical demake, one user pointed out that players shouldn't be able to die during this boss fight with a Grafted Scion as seen in the footage. -shin- acknowledged this and explained the only reason for its inclusion was to have a player death for the trailer.
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