XBOX 360 Marketplace to close its doors on July 2024

Red Ring of Death after nearly two decades of service

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XBOX 360 Marketplace to close its doors on July 2024


Unread post by Tedhaun Spectral »

Link to the announcement from Microsoft themselves: ... july-2024/

Following the closures of the PSP Store and both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShops, Microsoft recently announced that the XBOX 360 Marketplace will be closing its doors on July 29th, 2024 after almost 19 years of service. As per usual with the other legacy console storefront closures, if there's any digital games and DLC for games you own that you want, get them before it's too late.

Unfortunately, I don't own an XBOX 360, but I want to get this news out to anyone here that does. If I did own one, I would have snagged Protect Me Knight as one of the games on my radar since I have its 3DS and Switch sequels.
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