WIP: Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games (NDS) Records


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WIP: Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games (NDS) Records


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I can’t believe that I was able to save all the World Records before Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection shut down! Regardless of whether these records are beaten or not, they are staying!!

To do: Gallery Mini game records

Color code #bfd6ec for those who beat the world records

1,000,000,000.00 points for those who beat any world record!

World Record: 7.500 Sec. (Sonic)
1. 9.570 Sec. (Amy) (Tiger21820, Lost)
2. 9.987 Sec. (Bowser) (Tiger21820)

World Record: 0:30.002 Sec. (Mario)
1. 0:41.805 Sec. (Shadow) (Tiger21820, Other)
2. 0:43.108 Sec. (Wario) (Tiger21820)

400m Hurdles
World Record: 0:32.009 Sec. (Sonic)
1. 0:45.420 Sec. (Vector) (Tiger21820)

Long Jump
World Record: 9.962 m (Mario)
1. 9.000 m (Sonic) (Tiger21820, Lost)
2. 8.756 m (Blaze) (Tiger21820)

Triple Jump
World Record: 19.070 m (Mario)
1. 17.429 m (Sonic) (Tiger21820, Lost)
2. 17.250 m (Daisy) (Tiger21820)

Javelin Throw
World Record: 113.999 m (Luigi)
1. 99.858 m (Knuckles) (Tiger21820)

Hammer Throw
World Record: 99.999 m (Bowser)
1. 85.840 m (Knuckles) (Tiger21820, Lost)
2. 75.759 m (Waluigi) (Tiger21820)

100m Freestyle
World Record: 00:35.020 Sec. (Yoshi)
1. 00:47.172 Sec. (Dr. Eggman) (Tiger21820, Lost)
2. 00:52.750 Sec. (Wario) (Tiger21820, Other)
3. 00:56.503 Sec. (Mario) (Tiger21820)

10m Platform
World Record: N/A
1. 25.55 Pts. (Mario) (Tiger21820)

World Record: N/A
1. 09.71 Pts. (Tails) (Tiger21820)

World Record: N/A
1. 09.775 Pts. (Knuckles) (Tiger21820)

World Record: 40 Pts., 000.000 Sec. (Shadow)
1. 33 Pts., 106.180 Sec. (Luigi) (Tiger21820, Lost)
2. 27 Pts., 129.200 Sec. (Yoshi) (Tiger21820, Other)
3. 26 Pts., 132.548 Sec. (Vector) (Tiger21820)

World Record: 0:21.022 Sec. (Yoshi)
1. 0:34.874 Sec. (Sonic) (Tiger21820, Lost)
2. 0:35.967 Sec. (Amy) (Tiger21820, Other)
3. 0:37.164 Sec. (Waluigi) (Tiger21820)

World Record: 120 Pts., 000.000 Sec. (Vector)
1. 100 Pts., 028.564 Sec. (Bowser) (Tiger21820, Lost)
2. 089 Pts., 025.219 Sec. (Wario) (Tiger21820)

Dream Race
World Record: 1:40.543 Sec. (Peach)
1. 2:38.306 Sec. (Luigi) (Tiger21820)

Dream Basketball
World Record: 999 Pts. (Yoshi)
1. 114 Pts. (Peach) (Tiger21820, Lost)
2. 046 Pts. (Wario) (Tiger21820)

Dream Shooting
World Record: N/A
1. 384 Pts. (Sonic) (Tiger21820)

Dream Long Jump
World Record: 2205.25 m (Vector)
1. 1097.57 m (Sonic) (Tiger21820, Lost)
2. 1030.65 m (Peach) (Tiger21820)

Gallery Mini Game Records:

To do
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