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New Super Mario Bros. Scores & Mini-game Records


Unread post by Tiger21820 MASTER!! »

Color code #bfd6ec for those who max out their score

100,000,000.00 for maxing out your score!

Total High Score (For everything):

Total Score for all members:

01. ★★★99999999★★★ (Tiger21820, Hack)
02. 72338990 (Arceus, The NSMB Hacking Domain)
03. 30627250 (Tiger21820)
04. 00000000 (tomthebomb)

Mini-game records:

Total High Score (Mini-Games):

Action Mini-games:

Snowball Slalom:
1. 20"00 (Tiger21820)

Lakitu Launch:
1. 23 (Tiger21820)

Danger, Bob-omb! Danger!:
1. 3344 (Tiger21820)

Whack-a-Monty(I love this name!):
1. 61 (Tiger21820)

Balloon Racing:
1. 20"00 (Tiger21820)

Puzzle Mini-games:

1. 140 (Tiger21820)

Which Wiggler?:
1. 4 (Tiger21820)

Hide and Boo Seek:
1. 7 (Tiger21820)

Puzzle Panel:
1. 8 (Tiger21820)

1. 20 (Tiger21820)

Table Mini-Games:

Memory Match:
1. 9 (Tiger21820)

Picture Poker:
1. 95 (Tiger21820)

1. 10 (Tiger21820)

Variety Mini-games:

Mario's Slides:
1. 8 (Tiger21820)

Sort or 'Splode:
1. 92 (Tiger21820)

Bounce and Trounce:
1. 38 (Tiger21820)

Bob-omb Squad:
1. 38400 (Tiger21820)

Trampoline Time:
1. 20 (Tiger21820)

I wish all the mini-games from Super Mario 64 DS were included here!
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