Sonic Pinball Party Top Scores

Total High Score: 42,439,300!

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Sonic Pinball Party Top Scores


Unread post by Tiger21820 MASTER!! »

Total High Score (All):
42,439,300 (Needs updating)

Total High Score (Sonic the Hedgehog Table):

Sonic the Hedgehog Table:
01. 25,877,150 (Tiger21820)
02. 695,200 (tomthebomb)

Total High Score (NiGHTS Table):
15,076,850 (Needs updating)

NiGHTS Table:
01. 17,911,600 (Previous: 7,886,600) (Tiger21820) UPDATED!
02. 7,190,250 (tomthebomb)

Total High Score (Samba de Amigo Table):

Samba de Amigo Table:
01. 422,300 (Tiger21820)
02. 367,800 (tomthebomb)
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