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Post all of your records for any games that don't fall into the above systems! For currently unlisted games, post them in the "New game submissions and guidelines" topic! Only Administrators may post topics here!
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Only post here if you have records to submit! Any discussion about these games should be discussed in their respective forums! Any posts without records may be moved or trashed! Thank you!
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New game submissions and guidelines


Unread post by Tiger21820 MASTER!! »

Important note: I will no longer add records from users who are NOT members of Nintendo 3DS Central Forums or Gaming Latest! This means no Discord User records or Wario Forums Records, and etc.! Any existing records on the various leaderboards will still remain on them!

If there is a game currently not on the list, then post the game and your records in this thread! After that, post anymore records in their respective threads, and I will update the first post with your record and your name! Be sure to specify any extra details about the record, and specify the mode! Remember that this forum is for games that either don't have a dedicated forum for the system it was released on, or that are cross platform (released for multiple systems (typically other manufactures like a game released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, such as Sonic Mania))! Games that had a remaster or a port that weren't originally released on any of the other specified systems but were eventually released on one of them should be posted in this topic unless there is a mode with records exclusive to that version, which should then be posted in that system's version of this topic! In the case of there being a game with the same name released for two platforms (e.g. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games), each version should be posted in their system's version of this topic!

Also, this thread is only for game submissions that save records to SRAM (save data)! Games that do not have SRAM or do not save high scores to SRAM should be submitted to any existing game thread or here:

Also, as a general rule, please don't post anything but records in this forum! Anything that is not a record will be trashed! Remember that there are plenty of forums for general discussion of these games! :thumbsup

Also, X rank positions DO NOT count towards a total high score, while 0s do!
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