First review of Wario Land 3 Master Quest! Is it a Masterpiece?

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First review of Wario Land 3 Master Quest! Is it a Masterpiece?


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First review of Wario Land 3 Master Quest! Is it a Masterpiece? Let's find out!
darkgamer360 wrote:MasterQuest Has Potential To Be Better
Reviewed By: darkgamer360 on 31 Jul 2019

Having completing from beginning to end I can now add my input. The first level was ridiculously frustrating. However the most difficult level of all I believe to be would the Above The Clouds Level. That was just way way too hard. This game has to played on a emulator with save/load state options because playing this on hardware would have been almost impossible to beat. I also noticed a glitch in the stagnant swamp level that when the robot mouse falls into the hole a few seconds later the whole level glitches out and everything starting falling because the ground disappeared. I don’t if this was intentional or not but the first level with the face tree, the boss that supposed to have a spider boss was replaced with the hammer barrel boss from the volcano but was super glitchy. The concept of master quest / hard mode was a great idea but it didn’t feel as linear and the placement of blocks from super narrow passages to blocks at the edge of the sky where i had to make crouching jumps just to fit and move forward with the story was too claustrophobic for a wario land game that is made for open maneuvering and exploration.

Version 003 Recommended - No
Heh heh, sorry, but that was the intention all along!

Tiger's thoughts:

Unfortunately the review was negative, and did sting a bit, it did eventually become something I have waited years for: Their experiences of the difficulty of the hack!!

I don't think there is anything that I will change in the hack because the aim was to make the hack extremely difficult, and I can see that it finally paid off! :jumpy

Remember that this hack is not for everyone, and it is up to personal desires and the only ones who will probably enjoy it are the biggest Wario Fans, and those who enjoy challenges! Don't forget that saving and quitting saves your location rendering emulator save states unnecessary!

SOMEONE PLAYED IT AND IT WAS HARD!! :jumpy :jumpy :jumpy :jumpy So that makes the review a POSITIVE for me! I can make the game harder, and I know that there are others who are totally into these kinds of things, and it's intention was met!

Thank you darkgamer360 for the enlightening review, and congratulations for finishing the game! The hack was intended to be frustrating to slog through, and to be rewarding upon completion (sadly I did not see that in the review... I think that after getting though a super difficult hack, one should be satisfied to have conquered it, but I guess that just wasn't the case here...)

My final thoughts:

I'm glad the hack was played and someone has experienced the difficulty of it, and while the review was negative and stung at first, the review was about the INTENDED NATURE of the hack! The hack delivered the experience it was aiming for, and I am ok with that!

Was it a Masterpiece? The answer is sadly... No... Did it deliver the experience the hack was intending to deliver? Yes it did!

I hope that it will get a positive response praising the difficulty of the hack one day, but I guess today isn't that day... Oh well...
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