Canceled: Wario Land 3: The Master Quest 100% Playthrough Video Re-Upload!

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Canceled: Wario Land 3: The Master Quest 100% Playthrough Video Re-Upload!


Unread post by Tiger21820 MASTER!! »

Update: Since there have been others who have done speedruns as well as a 100% run of this hack and uploaded them onto YouTube, these videos have effectively been rendered obsolete, as they come from an obsolete version of the hack! As such, the uploading of parts 3 & 4 have been canceled!

Well, it's been a while since I took down my Wario Land 3 Master Quest 100% Playthrough videos from YouTube due to "reasons", but I recently decided to re-upload them at a place where they can be preserved for all eternity, where there is no threat of take downs, channel strikes that kill your channel, or content ID, and what better place to upload them to than the Internet Archive! It will be a 4 part series of around 5 episodes per part per two days (since it taking longer watching them upload on your screen than watching grass grow in your backyard! :laughing4)! So YEEEEEEEAH!

By the way, this video series is based on Release 003, I plan to record ANOTHER playthrough (May the Faerie of Frozen Flame have mercy on us all) on (Maybe) Release 005, so you may look forward to that as well! Those will be on the Internet Archive too! YouTube is OVER! :para:

Quote from discord:
Tiger21820 wrote:The first part of a 4 part series of re-uploaded Wario Land 3 Master Quest playthrough videos is now on The Internet Archive! It contains episodes 0 to 5! Part 2 will start uploading tomorrow! It will contain episodes 6 to 10! Watch here:

Current upload status:
Part 1 (Episodes 0 to 4): OK! ... ugh-part-1
Part 2 (Episodes 6 to 10): OK! ... ugh-part-2
Part 3 (Episodes 11 to 14): CANCELED
Part 4 (Episodes 15 to 16.5): CANCELED

Link to the Wario Forums version: ... post-76710
Link to the Gaming Latest version: ... ost-454380

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