Communities: Which one do you prefer? Forums? Discord? Social Media?

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Communities: Which one do you prefer? Forums? Discord? Social Media?


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Forums all the way! Discord is nice and all, but there are so many things that Discord locks behind a non-perpetual paid subscription (Nitro) that forums just straight up provide right out the box, and that the chatroom style of Discord makes certain simple tasks very tedious, or downright impractical!

Examples of how forums have advantages over Discord with features that they share:

Discord has a limit to how many smilies a server can have (adjustable with server boosts), and only those with Nitro can use animated smilies, whereas forums have no limit to the smilies one can add, and any member who can use smilies can use animated ones!

Discord's formatting uses specific formatting codes (Like text for strike-through, and text (this one is annoying, you cannot surround text with one *) for italics), and that cannot be turned off!

Another problem Discord has that forums don't: Images! When you upload multiple images on Discord, they are posted one after another as multiple messages (which can be seen as spamming!), whereas on forums, multiple images can be embedded on the same post! That one's a BIG problem!

Discord: Shift+Return for a new line! Too many accidental unfinished messages get posted by hitting Return when trying to add a new line, and having to edit or delete it before anyone notices it!

Discord: 2000 CHARACTER LIMIT!!! Forums: However many characters an operator chooses! I prefer NO limits!

Discord requires users to have Nitro in order to use animated avatars, where forums (where permitted) allow any member (if they have permission) to upload animated avatars!

Also, discord servers are property of discord, and all users are subject to discord's terms of service, as well as being unable to modify any of the interface texts (which makes me unable to change those HORRENDOUS full stops into exclamation marks), but when a forum is self-hosted, the owner pretty much gets to make the rules, and make any changes to the forum infrastructure (Which I got rid of those AWFUL generic error messages which used the unforgivable full stop, and made them more witty!), including text!

So, forums ⋙ Discord, though it's still good, but forums will ALWAYS be ⋙ Discord!

I won't stop using it for reasons (Yet I may eventually try to drift away if it gets to be too much for me, but that's a LONG, LONG way off!), but my overall impression on Discord has CONSIDERABLY decreased!

Also, POST 1144 BABY!
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