Unused or rarely seen modified Nintendo 3DS Central Language strings/messages

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Fire & Ice Unused or rarely seen modified Nintendo 3DS Central Language strings/messages


Unread post by Tiger21820 MASTER!! »

This is a list of messages that, under the current configurations of the forum, or just in general due to circumstances, will never be shown or will rarely be shown, despite them being edited in the first place!
These will also include those that are exclusive to staff members!
It's kind of a shame, since some of them are pretty funny, so I will present those ones here!
This list will be updated occasionally, so keep checking back for more wittiness that you will never see!

Enjoy! :iconbiggrin

Hey! Your account is already active! Get posting already! Displayed when you attempt to activate your already active account (Possible to see this by clicking on the activation link you received through your registration e-mail)!
Oops! You ran out of time! Better try again… Not sure, the string ID is AJAX_ERROR_TEXT_TIMEOUT! Actually, whenever a form has a set time limit to fill and submit, and that allotted time expires, then this message displays! Most of these time limits are disabled here, but it can still display occasionally! (Maybe, I may actually be thinking of something else)
The profile could not be created! Aww… Probably would be shown if a profile somehow failed to be created!
The avatar is corrupt! OH NO!! Probably displayed if the avatar has corrupted data in it, maybe by editing it through a hex editor? The string ID is AVATAR_EMPTY_REMOTE_DATA!
There is no temporary folder to speak of! Probably shown if there is no temporary directory to upload avatars to!
Ohhh!!! You have been VERY naughty! Banned by IP, we don't typically ban users by IP addresses, so this usually won't be displayed!
Connection failed… Awww… ...no idea!
Connection was successful! YAY! See above!
But the directory could not be changed… Failing to change the directory? Dunno! :shrug
You have a private message! Log in to read it! Don't know how this can be displayed!
You have not been authenticated by Apache… WHYYYYY????? WHYYYYY?????
It was not possible to convert your password when updating this bulletin board’s software… Please %srequest a new password%s! If you continue to have problems, go ahead and contact the %sBoard Administrator%s! How do you convert board passwords?
First log in, and then you can see who is online! Guests can view the "Who's Online?" page!
Better get logged in first… Displayed when a guest attempts to edit a post (Can be seen by clicking on the edit button as a guest by logging out on a different browser tab, but not refreshing the other tab)!
You need to tell an administrator or the webmaster (Tiger21820) about this! I don't know what sort of situation would cause this message to display! It might be a generic one by the looks of the string ID (NOTIFY_ADMIN)!
WHAAAT!? THERE ARE NO ADMINISTRATORS HERE!?!? That is not good… We have an Administrator! I mean, we SHOULD!
You gotta be an administrator to do that! Unlikely to be seen by regular members, but this will be displayed if someone tries to access a page that is off-limits to non-Administrators!
This has to be done by you only! Displayed when you attempt to log in to the Administration Control Panel with another username other than yours!
What? There are no forums here! Empty category!
We need a moderator! Displayed when there are no Moderators!
Sit tight for a moment! PLEASE_WAIT!
A post still needs to be approved! Somebody? ANYBODY!? All users can post without approval!
A post still needs to be approved! HELLO!? Ditto!
This post is very good! I want it to stay that way! When attempting to edit a locked post! Since posts are VERY RARELY locked, and the edit button does not appear on a locked post, it is VERY unlikely this this message will be seen by an ordinary user!
We are still reviewing this topic! Topics can be posted without approval!
The file could not be delivered… Too bad… File delivery failed! How? I don't know either...
It is still being uploaded! A file that is not done uploading!
There is no action! How boring… What lack of action would cause this message to appear, hmm?
Hey, you cannot warn yourself! Attempting to warn yourself!
Whoops! We have a bit too much stuff here right now! Uploads exceed the allowed quota!
Uh-oh! The server has run out of space! This is not a good thing! Hopefully that won't happen!
Hey! This message was deleted already! Attempting to delete something that has already been deleted!
Wait a minute! You cannot post announcements! Attempting to post an announcement when they don't have permission to do so!
Hang on! You cannot post any sticky topics! Same as above, but different topic type!
Woah, buddy! You are posting a little too much there! Look, I know you are eager to post some more, but take a chill pill! Attempting to post sooner than the flood limit will allow! Since flood limits are disabled, this message goes unused!
That post is OUTTA THERE! Only Administrators can permanently delete posts!
This post has been edited successfully, but it will need to be approved by a moderator before it is publicly viewable! Sit tight! Posts can be edited without approval!
Horray! The post has been successfully made! I have never seen this display!
Your message is a bit too long, matey! There is no limit to how many characters a post can have!
Too bad! The book could not be marked! Please try again! Bookmark failure?
You have been notified about this topic, so log in and see what it is about! Don't know when this is supposed to display!
We have a no printing policy here! Printing is enabled?
This post is gone, and it aint commin back! Displayed when a soft (non-permanent) deleted post was permanently deleted, and was attempted to be restored! Only down to Co-Administrators can soft delete posts, so this will unlikely ever be seen even by them!
Trying to take a whack at the ol founders huh? Attempting to ban a member who is a Founder!
Hey! You cannot ban yoursef, silly! Attempting to ban yourself!
Sorry, robots do not make friends! Attempting to add a Bot as a friend! Only Administrators and Co-Administrators can view the profile of Bots, so regular users will almost never see this message! It can be seen by typing the name of a Bot in the 'Friends & Foes' tab in your User Control Panel!
No need to add a robot as a foe! The(sic) do not do much anyway! Attempting to add a Bot as a foe! Only Administrators and Co-Administrators can view the profile of Bots, so regular users will almost never see this message! It can be seen by typing the name of a Bot in the 'Friends & Foes' tab in your User Control Panel! Yes, 'The' is supposed to be 'They'! It was a typo!
You cannot add the anonymous user to your friends list, because he is not a user! Same as above! You can see this message yourself by using the link here: ucp.php?i=zebra&mode=friends&add=anonymous
You cannot add the anonymous user to your foes list, because he is not a user! Same as above! You can see this message yourself by using the link here: ucp.php?i=zebra&mode=foes&add=anonymous
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