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Read from Siliconera, Nintendo's old HQ is going to be "transformed" into a hotel:

Plan Do See announced plans to renovate the former Nintendo HQ located in Kyoto, Japan into a hotel. Reservations to stay at the hotel are open. However, a single night at the hotel will cost 100,000 yen, or roughly $900. A total of 18 guest rooms will be available, including seven suites. The hotel will open in April 2022.

The renovated rooms within the former Nintendo HQ now turned hotel have been designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Additionally, the building now has a new name. The new title of the building to commemorate its transformation into a hotel is Marufukuro. However, it is important to know that this particular building was Nintendo’s headquarters back when it was distributing player cards. Renovations to the building are currently underway. An official Instagram was created for the hotel, which features a look at the front of the building.
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