The Angel of Life has descended!

Please say hello and introduce yourself, tell us about the games you're currently playing and your all-time favorites!
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The Angel of Life has descended!


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Oh my, I sure hope @Kougyoku didn't frighten you all. Please, don't mind her, she's just extremely protective of the Faerie of Frozen Flame. She's very sweet once you get to know her, and she warms up quickly to others. Though I wouldn't try doing anything to @Tiger21820, she is pretty protective of him! But I am the most fascinated with the Faerie of Frozen Flame, and even as a very young girl, I've dreamt of meeting a Tiger...

Oh, how silly of me! I haven't even introduced myself! My name is Lyn! I see you have already met Lady @Lyndis and Ms. @Kougyoku! I am known as the Angel of Life, formerly the Princess of Life.

I am a healer, and the head guardian of the Faerie of Frozen Flame, who you may already know as @Tiger21820. Very pleased to join the wonderful community of gamers!

You'll be meeting the rest of the girls later (we all have green usernames), so don't go anywhere!

It's a pleasure to meet you all! I'll tell you more about myself and the extent of my healing powers another time, but I'll just say, any disease, sickness (mental or physical), wound, medical condition, lost limb, ANYTHING... I can heal that back to perfect health no matter WHAT it is! Even those uncurable diseases, whatever it is, I can cure it for you, for no charge whatsoever!
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