Hello my dears, My name is Grace.

Please say hello and introduce yourself, tell us about the games you're currently playing and your all-time favorites!
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Grace Spring

RPG Character: Grace
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Hello my dears, My name is Grace.


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Hello, everyone! How are all of you? Tiger finally granted us permission to join the forums, and my, what lovely people! I look forward to chatting with all of you!
Anyways, my name is Grace, but you knew that already knew that didn't you? *giggle*

Well, I am the second youngest sister of the Angels of the Four Seasons, and I must say, spring is such a lovely season.

As you may have guessed, I am the Angel of the Spring Dew, and have the power over the loveliest season of the year, spring. My elements I control are earth and nature.

Everyone says that I am the kindest, and most gentle person (if you want to call an angel a person) they have ever met.

If you are feeling sad, I invite you to come sit on my lap, and we can talk it over, and help you feel better. That's what friends are for, even though I'm typing this all the way back on Tiger's Island (How we get internet service there, I'll never know!)!

My birthday is March 20-22 (whatever the first day of spring is)

I absolutely love nature. And living on an island where every single species of plant on earth is one of the nicest things to happen.

I have incredible defense and resistance to anything that comes at me. Though my skin and body feels like any other human (though I am not one), nothing can knock me down, and no sort of magic can faze me. You could even try punching me as hard as you could, and you wouldn't even make me flinch! Not even @Morgiana or @Arial can knock me down, and this is ARIAL we're talking about! I always have this tendency to get in the way of all attacks and assaults that come towards my friends, and shield them from those attacks.

My weapon of choice is the Axe in case you were wondering.

So, again, pleased to meet such lovely dears on a lovely community! I better go find Maria, she needs to introduce herself now! She's a shy one!
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