Things you HATE in video games!

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Things you HATE in video games!


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To do: Improve this post with a working computer!

Don’t you just HATE it when a video game does this to you? Ugh… :banghead3

Here is my top X list of things I hate in video games:

Sorry Gatchapon in moble games, listing you would make this too easy, and it would be putting this list to shame (Except Puzzle & Dragons makes use of the mechanic BEAUTIFULLY, and gets my props to GungHo for doing it right, but NINTENDO!? :noway1 )!

#X: Items, abilities, and characters exclusive to the computer/enemy

Darn it, we can’t have nice things! Doesn’t it just suck when an enemy unit in Fire Emblem has a weapon or skill that makes them too powerful?
Enemy unit: Hey look, I have this cool skill called ‘Dragonskin’ that halves damage, prevents critical hits, nullifies stat drops, and makes your ‘Lethality’ skill absolutly useless, and you can’t have it! HA HA! :yahoo

#X: Daily limits

I don’t have anything to say about this just yet: Typing on an iPhone is a MAJOR DRAG! :para:

#X: Respawning enemies

There are countless annoying enemies that would make you want to *insert act of equipment destruction/rage induced vulgarity/use your imagination here*, right? So you were able to finally defeat all of them, no? You decide to walk a little to the left to collect an item you missed and the spots where the enemies once wreaked havoc on your soul goes off-screen, and then continue onward to the right once more when WHAM! All those enemies you slayed have reappeard and killed you! EVERY! SINGLE!! TIME!!! THEY RE-APPEAR NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU WACK THEM, AND THEY NEVER! STOP!! HITTING!!! YOU!!!! *No currently avalible smily can express this rage* When an enemy is defeated, it should STAY defeated until you leave and re-enter the level!!

#X: Time Limits, mainly in platforming games

So that’s all I have so far! What things do you hate in video games?
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