Game consoles you own?

Home consoles, handheld ones, and the like.

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Game consoles you own?


Unread post by DPadDoc Tedhaun »

Which game consoles do you guys/gals currently own or have owned in the past? I'll start off with what I have so far:

Home consoles:
Atari 2600 (one Wood Grain VCS model, and an Atari 2600 Jr. Rainbow Stripe model (may be in the basement somewhere, but forgot exactly where))
NES (original front loader model)
Sega Genesis (2nd model)
Super NES (original model)
Nintendo 64 (Watermelon Pink)
Nintendo GameCube (two Indigo ones (lens on both of them stopped reading on me), and a Platinum one)
Microsoft XBOX (disc tray wouldn't open upon obtaining it, but managed to fix the issue)
Wii (original White model with GameCube controller and memory card ports)
Wii U (32 GB Black model)
Nintendo Switch (2017 Grey Joycon model)

Game Boy Colour (Lime Green)
Game Boy Advance SP (Cobalt Blue)
Nintendo DS Lite (one Onyx Black, one Polar White (on/off switch is somewhat broken and console turns on/off on its own sometimes), and one Platinum Silver)
Nintendo 3DS (Midnight Purple)
Nintendo 3DS XL (Silver Mario and Luigi Edition)
New Nintendo 3DS XL (New Galaxy Style)
Nintendo Switch Lite (Gray)

Plug 'n Play, Dedicated Consoles et al:
Atari Flashback 2
Nintendo Classic Mini NES
Retro-Bit Generations
Nintendo Classic Mini Super NES
Retro-Bit Super Retro-Cade (v1.0 model)
Sega Genesis Mini
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Re: Game consoles you own?


Unread post by Tiger21820 MASTER!! »

HELLO! That's a lot of consoles! Well, for me, I own:

1 Game Boy that unfortunately has a broken LCD, but still powers up and sounds fine
1 Game Boy Pocket (Silver)
2 Game Boy Colors (Purple and Teal)
2 Game Boy Advance SPs (Platinum/Silver and Red) (I want 2 more)
1 Nintendo DS (Platinum/Silver)
2 Nintendo DS Lites with broken hinges and are VERY fragile (White and Red/Black)
1 Nintendo DSi XL (Brick Red)
1 Nintendo 3DS (Teal)
1 Nintendo 3DS XL with a cracked hinge, also hacked (Red)
1 Nintendo 2DS (Blue)
3 New Nintendo 3DS XLs (Majora's Mask Edition, Red and Black)

1 Super Nintendo
1 Nintendo 64
2½ Nintendo GameCubes (Purple, Silver, & PAL region Development system/NR Reader, Pine Green)
1 Nintendo Wii
2 Nintendo Switches (With Mario Red, Black, and Neon Red and Blue Joycons)
2 Sony PlayStations (The only NON Nintendo video game system I own)

1 DinoScore Redemption Arcade Machine which is unfortunately broken...
1 Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga: Class of 1981/20th Anniversary Upright Arcade Cabinet, Commercial Version
1 Gin-Gin Maru Pachislo/Skill Stop Slot Machine
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