Pokémon at impossible/unobtainable levels

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Pokémon at impossible/unobtainable levels


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This is a list of Pokémon that are at levels unobtainable to the player that NPC trainers have been seen using, or Pokémon that require external trading to obtain! This doesn't include Pokémon fought in battle facilities!

NPC owned Pokémon at levels unobtainable to the player:

Dragonite: Level 50 (Generations 2/4)
Dodrio: Level 28 (Generation 3, lowest obtainable level at 29 from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)
Voltorb: Level 2 (Generation 1-3, lowest obtainable level at 5)
Rhydon: Level 35 (Generation 3)
Lairon: Level 27, 29 (Generation 3)
Aggron: Level 35 (Generation 3)
Magneton: Level 18 (Generation 3, Lowest obtainable level at 26 in Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald)
Weezing: Level 25, 28, 29 (Generation 3, Lowest obtainable level at 32 in FireRed)
Rapidash: Level 29 (Generation 3, Lowest obtainable level at 37)
Muk: Level 29 (Generation 3, Lowest obtainable level at 32 in LeafGreen)

Pokémon at unobtainable levels in certain games, but obtainable in others, and are tradable to those games (Lowest possible obtainable level will be shown):

Electrode: Level 3 (Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, obtainable by receiving In-Game trade Electrode in Red, Blue, FireRed, LeafGreen if a level 3 Raichu was traded)(Evolves at level 30)
Skitty/Delcatty: Level 3 (All of Generation 3, obtainable by in-game trade by trading a Level 3 Pikachu for a Level 3 female Skitty (male Skitty/Delcatties are completely unobtainable under level 5!))
Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff: Level 3: (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, obtainable in FireRed/LeafGreen)

Various other Pokémon at unobtainable levels that I have owned:

Generation 3:

Dragonite: Level 30 (Debug)
Bulbasaur: Level 1 (Debug)
Charmander: Level 4 (Debug)
Wartortle: Level 8 (Debug)
Kyogre: Level 5 (Debug)
Unown: Level 0, 21 (Cheating/Debug)(Lowest level obtainable: 25)(Yes, Level 0 is a thing in Generation 3!)
Omanyte: Level 0 (Cheating)
Salamence: Level 50 (Event/Debug)
Metagross: Level 10 (Debug)
Beldum: Level 3 (Cheating)

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