Rest in Peace Mario & Nintendo

Mario: 1980-2021 | Nintendo: 1889-2021

Talk about those games that feature everyone's favorite plumber as well as the Yoshi's Island games, Wario Land games, Donkey Kong games, the characters, and more!
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Rest in Peace Mario & Nintendo


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Nintendo just dug their own grave, and will eventually be buried there alive the same way they just buried poor widdo Mar-Mar alive down there... Poor thing didn't even stand a chance... Well, it's official: Nintendo has killed off their Mascot after 40 long years, and any future appearances of that guy are non-canon, and your mind playing tricks on you (But with all the time Nontendon't has been around (since 1889! WOAH!!), I guess Mario just wasn't good enough for them anymore, so again, we will forever have a time where Nintendo was Mario-less longer then Nintendo-not-do-anything was Mario-ful...)
R.I.P. Mario 1980-2021 "One last time: It's a-me, Mario! Let's a-go!"
And R.I.P. Nintendo 1889-2021 "I remember a time where Nintendo was good, now they aren't"
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