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There may come a time where Nintendo DS Central, like it's 2 predecessors, will vanish from the face of the internet... And this forum will preserve several of those topics should Nintendo DS Central disappear, so they will not be lost! Only Administrators and believe it or not... Guests (Only when unlocked) can post in this forum! If this forum is unlocked, please do not post in it!
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List of Nintendo DS Central topics to post


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These are the links to Nintendo DS Central topics that haven't been posted here yet, but will be at a later time!

Topic #66: You're banned! ... -re-banned
Topic #373: Continue this story! ... this-story
Topic #372: Corrupt a wish! ... upt-a-wish
Topic #319: One letter swap game! ... -swap-game
Topic #255: Edit game!
Topic #323: Wario Land 3 Master Quest! ... ster-quest
Topic #371: Nintendo 3DS Central is open for business! ... r-business
Topic #52: Gaming Latest & Wario Forums! ... rio-forums
Topic #33: Rules For Advertising ... dvertising
Topic #105: BBCode guide ... code-guide
Topic #53: Some great code hacking websites and forums ... and-forums
Topic #293: Visit Gaming Latest & Wario Forums! ... rio-forums
Topic #57: THE BEST POKÉMON WEBSITE EVER MADE!!! ... -ever-made
Topic #243: Duffy's Youtube! ... -s-youtube
Topic #54: The NSMB Hacking Domain ... ing-domain
Topic #61: Some Very Useful Wiki sites ... wiki-sites
Topic #62: Some Nice Forums You Should Join ... hould-join
Topic #63: Sonic Retro! ... onic-retro
Topic #71: The Cutting Room Floor ... room-floor
Topic #149 For all you fire alarm maniacs! ... rm-maniacs
Topic #246: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection will be terminated on May 20 ... -on-may-20
Topic #245: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection will be terminated on May 20 ... -on-may-20
Topic #103: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Topic #263: 031013010110100110013 ... 0100110013
Topic #261: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ... mmmmmmmmmm
Topic #193: Goodbye! ... no-content
Topic #181: Tiger21822! ... tiger21822

Wayback Machine links:
Topic #87: How to remove ANNOYING ads ... noying-ads
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