Topic #334: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Topic #334: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Unread post by NDSC_Tiger21820 »

I will post some questions and answers to this forum!

Q. Do you own this forum?
A. Nope! Forumotion does!

Q. How do I upload attachments?
A. Sorry, due to Forumotion granting only 20 mega bytes(!) of storage to free users, attachments would have to be no larger than 2 kilo bytes! There is no way storage this small can be shared evenly!

Q. What do you plan to do about this?
A. I plan to buy a host and domain and use my own forum software! There will be a lot more storage and many new features that I plan to launch on December 2nd this year!

Q. What will happen to this forum then!?
A. This will be an alternate forum that you will still be able to post in!

A. Maybe! Visit this topic, and if it's open, make an application there and I will consider the possibilities!

Q. What about an administrator? Huh? HUH??
A. 'Frade not... Because of an event involving an abuse of power and me dealing with it unprofessionally, I cannot accept unsolicited applications for becoming an administrator. If I find you suitable, I will ask you. So sorry about that!

Q. I was banned! What do I do!!!!
A. Calm yourself! Take a deep breath... Think about what you done, and follow these EXTREMELY helpful tips!
007-001. Wait for the ban to expire, and never create another account to bypass this!
007-002. If you were banned unfairly or do not agree with the ban, email me at and tell me why you were banned, how long you were banned, who banned you, and why you should not have been banned. I will talk to whoever banned you, and get the details from him/her. If the ban wasn't fair, the ban will either be voided, or shortened. If we decide that the ban was proper, then we will tell you, and will not be up for any further debate. Be polite and diplomatic about it, or we will ignore you!

Q. Someone is breaking the rules! Should I do something about it?
A. Yes! You can PM me, or another moderator, but the best thing to do is to use the report post button and we will take it from there! Do not confront them! Let us handle it!

Q. Can you install an extension/style/language for me? This would be a really cool thing to have here!
A. Sadly, I cannot... :cry3 Remember that Forumotion owns this forum, and thus I do not have access to the database... :banghead1 When the new forum is launched, then it will be a completely different story! :ohyeah

Q. How many accounts can I have?
A. You can have up to 2 alternate accounts, which means you can have a total of three accounts! But don't use them to evade bans, or else... :aggressive

Q. What do points do?
A. They don't really do anything at all... You get them by posting, leaving profile messages, getting positive votes for posts, getting your posts thanked, adding friends, and you get them each day! I think you lose some by getting negative votes on your posts, but I'm not really sure... But you can't do anything with them...

Q. What about reputation?
A. You get (or lose) reputation by getting your posts thanked and voted! You receive (or lose) 1 point for every positive (or negative) vote on your posts, and get 3 every time one of your posts gets thanked! You also get (or lose?) points from this! Once you make a vote on a post, you cannot remove or change it, so be careful how you vote people's posts!

Q. How does thanking work?
A. On any of your threads only, you can thank any one post from any other member! However, you can only thank one post on a single thread, and you cannot unthank it afterword, so be careful on who you want to thank! You receive 3 reputation points for each post someone thanks!

Q. There is an RPG feature, how does that work?
A. I have NO idea!

Q. Can I delete my posts or threads?
A. Nope! Not even moderators can! Only I or another administrator can delete anything!

Q. What is an "Honorary Member", and how do I become one?
A. An Honorary Member is a member who was once an administrator or moderator on the forums but decided to step down from their position! They have a few privileges regular members don't have, like posting sticky threads! If a moderator gets demoted due to breaking the rules, they will not become Honorary Members, and if an Honorary Member gets banned, they will become regular members when (or if) their ban expires!

Q. You keep mentioning a new forum that launches on November, and now you are saying it can be as early as September! What is going on!?
A. If certain things work out, I can get hosting much earlier and the new forum can be launched then! (By the way, it is September!)

Q. The rules are a MESS! I can hardly make sense of them! I don't know what to follow! Help!?
A. Ehh... Sorry about that! This forum has been in some kind of limbo for several years (It was started all the way in 2012!), and since hardly anyone but me even visits, AND with the new forums in the planning stage (which ALSO feels like limbo), I haven't bothered to revise or even correct them! I have changed them a few times recently, but since they are just such a mess, it just feels hopless... If you have any questions about a rule, ask me about it!

Q. Are you SURE these forums are going up? I would hate to wait until November 16 only to find out that the forum project got canceled!
A. I can guarantee you that the forums will go onto the world wide web! I bought a domain for 10 YEARS! There's no turning back! IT HAS TO HAPPEN!!!

Q. If this "forum" you speak of somehow ACTUALLY go up, where can I find it!?
A. Are you doubting me!? The forum's addresses will be or (One of these will work)

Q. You posted the same thing LAST YEAR, and you canceled it! Why should I think that you will actually launch this new forum when you said you would last year?
A. :suspect Are you done yet?

Q. NO!
A. :sad3 I had no knowledge on how webhosting actually worked, and I did not have funds for it! I am now able to acquire the necessary funds to get hosting, and I have gained more insight on the matter, and have a 10 year domain! It has to happen! If it didn't, I would have spent money for nothing! I have the forum software, I have the domain, the only thing holding me back is the hosting! :banghead1 I have a budget right now, and hosting isn't part of it! :sad3 (Blame Nintendo for making the Nintendo Switch $300! :banghead3 ) There is a possibility of me being able to get hosting this month (September), but there is no possibility of me being able to act on the matter! Please! Just let me do my job! I said it is coming out, and I meant it! :banghead3

Q.Last question on the matter: Why even get a new forum? What's wrong with this one? (Note: This question was actually mentioned by a member, the thread on the matter is here!)
A. Because the new one will be better than this one in EVERY WAY!!! Just read my announcement and click the link to topic mentioned above! All right, no more questions about the new forum! It is coming! I guarantee it! Just wait! :biggrin1

More soon! Ask your own questions here and I will add them to this post! Numbers start at 501 for user questions!
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