Glitches! Post your glitches here!

Talk about the HUGE open world Zelda game here! It is a hot topic on the Gaming Reinvented Discord server, so be sure to check it out! You can also discuss the (upcoming) sequel here too!
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Glitches! Post your glitches here!


Unread post by Tiger21820 MASTER!! »

Well, to start off, I posted this to the Gaming Reinvented Discord server:
Just encountered a glitch where an NPC's model was just "lying" down (Lying down as in standing, but the model was somehow just tipped over as if lying down on his side), and a horse was buried underground except his head, so when it moved, it looked like it was swimming in the grass! It was hilarious! I saved some captures of this, and may upload them somewhere! I also bought the downloadable content!
So talk about any glitches you experienced, or and exploits you may have "invented"! Check out the Gaming Reinvented YouTube channel and the Discord for many other kinds of glitches and exploits you might enjoy messing around with! :biggrin1

Screenshots: Warning! Large images!
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Re: Glitches! Post your glitches here!


Unread post by MisterBobbyPin »

I once found one where if you reset around Bokoblin archers it makes them drop more arrows.
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