The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 0 Death Completionist Run

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 0 Death Completionist Run


Unread post by Tiger21820 MASTER!! »

Have you ever achieved this?
Have you ever obtained a 0 death run on the original version of the game?

For those who don't know, at the end of the game, a quest history appears and shows how many times you died in a specific dungeon!
In the SNES version of the game, in addition to counting deaths, if you select "Save & Quit" in the middle of a game, it also adds a "death" to the death count!

In order to achieve a 0 death run in the SNES version, you have to play the entire game from start to finish WITHOUT DYING, AND WITHOUT SAVING!!
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I have done a 0 death completionist run 17 times! It is very hard to do! It take between 9 to 12 hours of non-stop gameplay to do this! It is brutal!

Have any of you done this? How many times?
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