Spore Hero Arena

No updates or older OS needed. A decent time sink!

Talk about any games you have, and disscus any tips, secrets, or unlockables you might have!
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Spore Hero Arena is one of those DS games of a somewhat common nature. It has 3D assets. It has multiplayer. However, this game has PC game vibes. Sort of like Heroes of Ruin, World of Warcraft, or Diablo (which I've heard compared to Heroes of Ruin because it came before). The gameplay loop involves collecting items, going on quests to help people, and battles, while not running out of health. The controls play out like a PC game too. Right or left-handed, thanks to one half mirroring the other in terms of button layout (D-pad and face buttons are the same). With moving the touchscreen provides many directions of travel. I like how the player can unlock parts to upgrade and rename your player character Spore creature at any time. Some people hate the game- I've read it because it is an easy game. However, I find there's some charm to it being portable, easy to get into, and it has a lot of missions, and multiplayer battles at any time. Maybe I'll be the first to 100%. It would be nice to see what the online mode that isn't documented, would bring to the table, and if that makes playing the game more worth it in the end.

To get a better picture, it was very cheap, for maybe $4 for an EA game that doesn't charge you an arm and a leg with microtransactions, in a dead series, but very original for what it's worth.

Also, if the previous owner wants to emulate or play this game again with your original save, whoever brought it to a resale store where I picked it up, the save is attached to this post.
SPOREHA Save When Bought.sav
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