Time Attack Difficulty Ratings (Out of date!)

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Time Attack Difficulty Ratings (Out of date!)


Unread post by Tiger21820 MASTER!! »

This list is currently out of date, and may not reflect the current release's level changes!

These are an estimated difficulty rating of each of the levels in Time Attack, should they be possible! This doesn't rate the difficulty of getting a fast time (speedrunners will play these differently, and difficultly isn't based on that), it rates the difficulty of getting all 4 keys and beating the stage! I have not done most of these myself, so others will have a different opinion! These are a general consensus of how hard it could be if you were to try!

N1 Out of the Woods: Moderately Difficult
N2 The Peaceful Village: Extremely Easy
N3 The Vast Plain: Very Difficult
N4 Bank of the Wild River: Extremely Difficult
N5 The Tidal Coast: Very Easy
N6 Sea Turtle Rocks: Very Easy
W1 Desert Ruins: Very Easy
W2 The Volcano's Base: Difficult
W3 The Pool of Rain: Difficult
W4 A Town in Chaos: Extremely Easy
W5 Beneath the Waves: Very Difficult
W6 The West Crater: Moderately Easy
S1 The Grasslands: Easy
S2 The Big Bridge: Very Easy
S3 Tower of Revival: Very Difficult
S4 The Steep Canyon: Moderately Difficult
S5 Cave of Flames: Difficult
S6 Above the Clouds: MAX!
E1 The Stagnant Swamp: Moderate
E2 The Frigid Sea: Extremely Easy
E3 Castle of Illusions: Moderately Difficult
E4 The Colossal Hole: Moderate
E5 The Warped Void: Extremely Easy
E6 The East Crater: Very Difficult
E7 Forest of Fear: Extremely Difficult
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