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This is a current list of members on the forum!


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This is a topic to keep track of each username and their ID!

Member #1 is the Anonymous account! If a member gets deleted, then that member's posts will become Anonymous' posts! Also, any guest that posts* on the forum will be from the Anonymous account! It is absolutely impossible (even for me) to view a profile page for Anonymous! You can, however, donate or steal points from Anonymous!
Member #2 is (obviously) me, but why 2?
Members #3 to 47 are the Bots! Only an Administrator can view the profile page of a Bot! You can donate or steal from Bots as well! The IDs of the Bots that have actually been active at least once currently are: 4, 8, 17, 23, and 26!
Member IDs, along with post, topic, forum, attachment, and usergroup IDs are unique, and are never recycled! That means if any member, post, topic, forum, attachment, or usergroup is deleted, the corresponding ID for it will be gone! Anything that gets added will not use the ID of the oldest deleted item!

Bolded members are Moderators, Bolded and Underlined members are Co-Administrators, and Bolded, Underlined, and Italicized members are Administrators! Members that are struck through are permanently banned, or deleted!

1: Anonymous
2: Tiger21820
3: AdsBot [Google]
4: Alexa [Bot]
5: Alta Vista [Bot]
6: Ask Jeeves [Bot]
7: Baidu [Spider]
8: Bing [Bot]
9: Exabot [Bot]
10: FAST Enterprise [Crawler]
11: FAST WebCrawler [Crawler]
12: Francis [Bot]
13: Gigabot [Bot]
14: Google Adsense [Bot]
15: Google Desktop
16: Google Feedfetcher
17: Google [Bot]
18: Heise IT-Markt [Crawler]
19: Heritrix [Crawler]
20: IBM Research [Bot]
21: ICCrawler - ICjobs
22: ichiro [Crawler]
23: Majestic-12 [Bot]
24: Metager [Bot]
25: MSN NewsBlogs
26: MSN [Bot]
27: MSNbot Media
28: Nutch [Bot]
29: Online link [Validator]
30: psbot [Picsearch]
31: Sensis [Crawler]
32: SEO Crawler
33: Seoma [Crawler]
34: SEOSearch [Crawler]
35: Snappy [Bot]
36: Steeler [Crawler]
37: Telekom [Bot]
38: TurnitinBot [Bot]
39: Voyager [Bot]
40: W3 [Sitesearch]
41: W3C [Linkcheck]
42: W3C [Validator]
43: YaCy [Bot]
44: Yahoo MMCrawler [Bot]
45: Yahoo Slurp [Bot]
46: Yahoo [Bot]
47: YahooSeeker [Bot]
48: Tiger21821
49: Tiger21822
50: flowermom
51: CaptainDrewBoy
52: YoshiPikachuPlayer
53: Lovebeingsoba
55: MarissaT
56: tomthebomb
57: CM30
58: shinespeciall
59: Seándwalsh
60: sallatrin
63: mentir
65: bomba1749
69: tavaa
70: DPadDoc
71: saschweitzer
72: CoreyOreoz
73: bibbit
74: based

*Guest posting is only enabled in the "Old Nintendo DS Central Topics" forum for archiving old topics from Nintendo DS Central, with each author being the name of the member who posted that post on Nintendo DS Central! All usernames are prefixed with "NDSC_" to prevent a user from inheriting those posts should they join with that username! (This doesn't seem to be true after all!) The forum is only unlocked when I am adding more topics to the forum (I post as a guest/Anonymous), but is otherwise kept closed to prevent potential guest spam! That way, I don't have to change any forum permissions every time I want to add a topic; I can just lock or unlock it!
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